Such a deal

Dear Miss Snark,

I’m a newly established freelance book/blog editor/reviewer. Here are the services I offer, and my price schedule:
- $100 – book/blog review with praise (but I won’t read anything).
- $200 – book/blog review with glowing praise (I still won’t read anything).
- $300 – book critique (includes 100 words of worthless, boilerplate comments).
- $400 – book critique (random passages circled in red ink, but no comments).
- $500 – book critique (meaningless comments sprinkled throughout ms).

My services may not be industry best practices, but hey, at least I’m up front about things.

But now I need customers. Since I know how gullible you are, here’s the deal: Post a link to my web site on your blog, and in return, I’ll give you a $100 blog review for free! What do you say?

well, I would of course, but you forgot the link.


Sonya said...

What a fantastic new service! I'd like the book review with glowing praise, please.

Can I get the Barnum discount? We can call it $250, if you'll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge. :-)

A Paperback Writer said...

Whoa. I like the $400 for random passages circled in red with no comments.
Suddenly I have the feeling that I've been going about this whole business of grading my students' papers in the wrong manner. Maybe I should've been charging for it all along.....

majilique said...

Sounds more like an April Fool's joke a week late.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yes, Majilique, the things labeled "Miss Snark is Amused" are jokes.

Anonymous said...

He is going to have a hard time selling this service, there are plenty of chicas doing this for free (or a free book)... damn amatuers are always screwing it up for the pros..

Ryan Field said...

I think there was something very close to this concept on Craigslist recently.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh! If I send you $1500, can I have ALL of them? If I send $2000, can I have red AND blue?