Translation please

Dear Miss Snark,

An editor at a mammoth university press in my home state requested a non-fiction book proposal from me after I wrote an article about an unsolved crime. I submitted the proposal and was told it has "much in house support" and that it is now up for "contract approval" at their next editorial board meeting.

What does that even mean? I'm not represented by an agent and was never offered any contract.

Think of it as "we're going to the editorial board to get approval on making you an offer".

And do NOT NOT NOT sign this without having a contract review specialist or a LITERARY lawyer look at it. If you need a name, email me and I'll give you one.

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Elissa Abbott said...

As someone who works in a humungous university press, my advice is to get an agent now, before they come to you with anything. If your press is anything like mine, you have a bit of time to do this, and an agent can radically change the boilerplate contract terms--to your benefit, of course. The agent might also want to shop your project to other presses. As tempting as this is, don't do it. It will gain you ill will at the original UP, since they approached you and not the other way around.