Why Don Imus is a nitwit

It's not cause he called the women on the Rutgers basketball team garden implements.
oh wait, he meant whores not hoes?
well, ok, not quite as dirty as a hoe in the spring mulch but still not a good or accurate term, and one that most people know is offensive.


Don Imus is an idiot cause he can't keep his mouth shut.

We've all said insanely stupid and hurtful things.
Some of us have done it today.

The tricky part is what you do NEXT.

You say something like "oh my fucking dog I can't believe what fell out of my foolish mouth. I'm sorry."

Then you STOP.

You don't go parading around mea culping.
You particularly don't go around saying "you people"...what fool doesn't know THAT is incendiary language anyway??

You don't meet with people asking forgiveness to show "you're not a racist". You don't trot out your good works as evidence of good character. If you have to do that, you've lost the battle.

Don Imus is going to lose his job cause he can't keep his mouth shut.
He helped promote a lot of books so I'm sorry to see him go, and dog knows we've all said worse (and don't write to me telling me you've never said anything vulgar or hurtful cause you have, and if you don't know what it was you are as clueless as he is) but some of us have learned how to shut up, and grow up.


Anonymous said...

The good that comes out of this is that it opens a dialogue of how casually we have come to say hurtful things about anyone who isn't our body double or who doesn't share our beliefs right down to the tiniest detail.

I was brought up short by this incident because I have been horribly guilty of making comments that are just plain wrong.

Watching those lovely, young women -- for whom the excitement of taking their team so far in the tournament, an experience they should have treasured all their lives, no doubt repeating it many times to their grandchildren -- humiliated, is a truly humbling experience.

I, for one, vow to try harder not to be a jerk. It is cruelty when a comment hurts; not humor.

dink said...

exactly. Imus yaps (no offense to Killer)--he talks the talk but he doesn't even come close to walking the walk.

The replays of his MANY apologies for various incidents have been embarrassing, at least I've been embarrassed for him.

I'm afraid Imus will not be unemployed long so it may not be the cluegun moment it oughta be.

Kim Stagliano said...

Agreed. Imus has been a huge advocate in the autism world. I'll be crushed to see him leave the national stage. That said - when I tuned in at 6:00am and he was STILL going on and on I just cringed. Enough! Miss Snark, let me know when you want to borrow that manuscript... :)

Lainey-Paney said...

it's not a shame that it came stumbling out of his mouth...
it's a shame that it was rolling around in his head in the first place.

He is a nitwit.
And he should just shut-up.
You're right.

But...you know, as horrible as this all is...publicity stunt, maybe?
I mean, I for one never had heard of him until this BS put him on the map...
hmm....how's that food for thought?

Anonymous said...

Imus is an idiot. He might even be a card-carrying racist. But so are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Me, I want to see the good Reverends fileted and publicly excoriated until they apologize to the Duke lacrosse players for convicting them in the media -- not based on the facts, mind you, but simply because they happened to be white and their accuser wasn't.

When they do that, then we can discuss Imus having surgery to remove his head from his ass.

metasailor said...

Imus is several sorts of a nitwit; to me, the worst part of it is his nitwittery towards utterly innocent bystanders who aren't even near his media weight class.

I have been fortunate enough not to listen to him for decades; but looking at the clips of his apologies, he looks really really scared. And he should be; he's summoned up a class-A poopstorm that has his job on the line.

But, whatever. He certainly isn't the devil incarnate, or more than a probably-prejudiced nitwit. That's bad enough, but people have the right to listen to him, and other people have the right to demand that he be taken off the air. The decision made will be a commercial one - NBC will weigh the cost and make the call.

I expect his two-week suspension, or even a four-week one, will be the end of it. And hopefully he will learn to insult people who are more worthy of it because of their reprehensible actions, as opposed to their being bright and shiny to his reptile mind.

metasailor said...

Will Imus get a book because of this? Or lose a book? Just wondering how the odds shake out...

Katie said...

Life imitates "South Park".

Ms. Librarian said...

The thing is, I never heard it the first time he said it. Now, however, I've heard it about a jillion times as the news media repeats it ad infinitum. Duh!

Kathleen said...

maybe you're right, Miss S., but it seems to me your comments are better directed at someone who made one mistake not serial-offenders-then-apologists like Mr. Imus.

There have got to be other people who can host a radio show and promote books.

Dave said...

These young ladies can and should be held up as heroes and role models for OUR daughters, nieces, and all kids.
I'm waiting to see if Imus finally gets the point, if he doesn't he's toast.

Tammie said...

Bad comments and he digs his hole deeper every time he apologizes. No one wants a "police" state but folks act like being on the radio or tv is an open invitation for being irresponsible. Now if someone could just hold Rosie accountable....

Dawn said...

Don Ismus's 'foot-in-mouth' comment has even been shown on New Zealand television. Let's hope some good comes out of it in terms of getting people to engage their brain before opening their mouth.

I'd rather talk with Killer Yap than this Don Ismus character.

michaelgav said...

Here's a handy way of identifying a comic career that has jumped the shark: When "official" Washington starts thinking the comic is cool.

Remember, these people made a career for Mark Russell. Does anybody remember him, the piano-playing so-called satirist? That's the level of hip Washington rises to.

They had Steven Colbert at the White House correspondent's dinner last year, and were left half-scandalized, half-confused because that is a culture bereft of irony, and never more so than in this administration.

Do you know who's taking Colbert's place this year? Rich Little.

Read that last paragraph again.

For the record, Don Imus was the MC at that dinner in 1998, I believe, which dovetails neatly with the moment he stopped being worth listening to.

Linda said...

Mike Hyatt (Thomas Nelson Publishers) also wrote on this subject this morning and what Imus did wrong: http://www.michaelhyatt.com/fromwhereisit/2007/04/how_to_botch_an.html#more

Imus seems to be doing what a lot of people do when they screw up--aplogize but never really take responsibility for what they did.

Artemis said...

The part of this that very few people are talking about is the part that quite bothers me: That it's 2007, and people still would rather talk about the way women athletes look than how they perform. These women made it to the NCAA championship, and all these guys could talk about was what they looked like? What crap.

Crash Froelich said...

Nicely put, Miss Snark. Imus trivialized only himself.

And as for the young ladies of Rutgers and the hyperbolic whinging of their coach, I would offer them the wisdom of Eleanor Roosevelt. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

KingM said...

I don't care for Imus and the crassness he brings to the public discourse. He's doubly the fool for seeking forgiveness from racial demagogues like Sharpton and Jackson, both of whom have made numerous racist comments themselves over the years and whose number one goal will be to fan the flames as high as possible.

Ryan Field said...

I don't see where there is any argument. He's in the public eye; he said terrible, offensive things to innocent people. He should be fired.

sister_clamp said...

Don Imus is going to lose his job cause he can't keep his mouth shut.

Okay, I'll take that bet. I don't think Don Imus will get sacked at all. As with books, it's all about the money. As long as Imus keeps making money for his program/station, he'll be kept on.

Miss Snark said...

Bet accepted. Name your stakes!

Donald said...

You particularly don't go around saying "you people"...what fool doesn't know THAT is incendiary language anyway??

Ross Perot?

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark is right. He will lose his job. Sponsors are jumpin' off faster than fleas off a dunked dog.

Wake up, old man, it's the 21st century.

Michael, very interesting observation.

Gerri said...

I'm with anonymous2, tbh. -isms are everywhere, and yes, Sharpton and Jackson are just as bad in their own way as Imus. They all need to be thwapped up side the head for even thinking the stuff they do, much less opening their big mouths and saying it.

That being said, Imus' bad points are rapidly outweighing his good points, and that's not a good thing. MSNBC has dropped him, and CBS is thinking about it really hard.

I dunno. He should never have said it. But then again, Rush Limbaugh should never open his mouth again, and don't get me started on Howard Stern or Ted Nugent. Imus is a shock jock, same as the rest, and they make their living off of controversy.

Yah, Imus crossed the line, but these days, who in the hell knows where the friggin line is anyway???

LadyBronco said...

I am so very glad that MSNBC saw they had a chance to excise the cancer from their airwaves, and did so today.

Good riddance to Don Imus.

Southern Writer said...

Imus (whoever he is - I've never heard of him until now), Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, Maury Povitch, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Judge Judy, and that judge who presided over Anna Nicole's case - Anna Nicole, for that matter. Rasslin'. OJ Simpson's acquittal. The list could go on for quite a while. It's a sad commentary that there's an audience for such nitwittery.

Yours is a fine recipe for an apology, Miss Snark, one I find myself using more often than I care to admit. I wish you'd add that apologies only mean something if the offending behavior is stopped.

Anonymous said...

What I find most upsetting about this is that people are upset with Imus at all.

Why not point the upset at his parent company? It isn't like they didn't know who Imus was, and it isn't like they should be shocked by what he said. All of a sudden they're just amazed that he said some horrible thing, like that isn't exactly the show they were paying him for decades to put on the air, and raking in millions themselves in the process.

I'm not excusing what he said, but I'd like to see Jesse and everyone else go after the people that put him there, kept him there, and earned money from his tired shtick for a decade after it was old and busted.

iago said...

I am occasionally required to cross several timezones and visit the US on business. As a result I have been awake at some god-awful times in the morning. Flicking through the high numbers on the hotel TV, I often stumble across this stetsoned senior. Sleep comes easily: unfortunately, it's right around the time I'm supposed to be getting up.

I don't know how objectionable or otherwise Imus is, because I've never been able to bring myself to concentrate on his monotone and hear what he has to say.

I read somewhere that MSNBC pulls in about 330,000 viewers for this slot. What percentage of the population is that? I don't think anyone's going to be losing millions.

I don't really have a point here: so I guess I'm auditioning as his replacement...

Anonymous said...

He didn't say "you people" to just anybody, either.
He said "you people" to a congresswoman and Al Sharpton.
I guess Imus didn't want to go out largely ignored by the population, he wanted to go out hated. What a guy.

michaelgav said...

If Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer's remarks qualify as "hyperbolic whinging," as one of the commenters here put it, all I can say is, let us have more of it in American life. She was wonderful, as were her players.

Doesn't dignity have even a small place at the table anymore?

Twill said...

Good Riddance.

I just wish they'd apply the same standards to everyone else out there that they want to apply to this particular stupid pale guy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Imus did a stupid. If you've listened to him you know that's what it was, a stupid. Not deliberately mean. Not racist. Just plain unthinking stupid. The sickening part, though, wasn't Imus. It was Sharpto jumping in for the attention. A philosopher named Gurdjieff once said: Everything turns into its opposite. Now we have black activists who once bravely championed a lonely cause stomping on people for political reasons, and just because they can. Imus deserved to be brought down a peg for his arrogance and stupidity. He didn't deserve to be fired. Charles Barkley was right.

The Home Office said...

I've been debating how to handle Imus in my blog for a week now. No need now, you summed it up perfectly. Now I can go on about more important things, such as finding out if Nicole Kidman needs a handyman.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that MSNBC pulls in about 330,000 viewers for this slot. What percentage of the population is that? I don't think anyone's going to be losing millions.

Imus's annual salary was around $10 million according to the article I read in Yahoo News, so I'd imagine they're losing millions pretty easily. Keep in mind that only 1.5 million people watch the Daily Show, and that's considered a pretty popular show for cable. Alternatively, selling 330,000 books would make you a pretty popular author ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said--Me, I want to see the good Reverends fileted and publicly excoriated until they apologize to the Duke lacrosse players for convicting them in the media -- not based on the facts, mind you, but simply because they happened to be white and their accuser wasn't.


beverley said...

You are 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

Since we all live in a world ruled by language, I'll share my thoughts on Imus here.

Why is it okay for some segments of the black culture (rap music, raw comedy, etc.) to use that sort of language, but once Imus spouts it, he's vilified? Why is it okay for a comedian like Chris Rock to use equally vulgar terms to describe both black and white people? Why is that considered hip and edgy?

If those terms are going to be floating around in the acceptible lexicon of one culture, they need to be acceptible to all.

Better yet, how about if everyone just stops saying them?

Anonymous said...

Good point about the Duke case and Al Sharpton, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Although I am no fan of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, and find their place in this scandal to be ludicrous, I find it even more ludicrous to insist that every single black person who has ever caused offense in public dialogue has to be punished before one white person who has caused offense in public dialogue can even be addressed. You don't get to point fingers at Sharpton and Jackson for attacking whites as a way of excusing Imus for attacking blacks.

And, of course, let's not forget that Imus' comment was as sexist as it was racist, and it mocked and humiliated women of talent, preserverence and accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Just to go ahead and expand on Imus's returns on the show to give it some perspective, from Newsweek, his show, "draws an estimated audience of 2.25 million, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing the trade publication Talkers. According to the Journal, the “Imus in the Morning” show accounts for 25 percent of the revenues of WFAN in New York—or roughly $20 million, The New York Times reported. That figure swells to more than $50 million when ad revenue for affiliates and cable outlet MSNBC are added"

So he's hauling in $50 million a year for the parent company.

Mad Scientist Matt said...

He was on the radio (99X) here in Atlanta giving the worst apology for an apology I've ever heard. It was so bad the DJs started making fun of him as soon as he hung up.

Still, I wish they'd ask him how he was qualified to criticize anyone else's hair.

sister_clamp said...

Sorry, MS, wasn't sure how long it would take for you to vet your comments and I'm a couple of time-zones away!

I'll pony up and say I lost. You name the punishment.

Shoulda Bet on That said...

sister_clamp said...

Okay, I'll take that bet. I don't think Don Imus will get sacked at all. As with books, it's all about the money. As long as Imus keeps making money for his program/station, he'll be kept on.

sister_clamp . . .

This just in . . .

CBS axes Imus over race slur

You LOST that bet.

The Anti-Wife said...

Don Imus is a nitwit. Now he's a nitwit without a job and apparently so are many of the commentators who repeated what he said.

If only we could get rid of the nitwits in our goverment so easily!

sister_clamp said...

Hold on. He's been suspended from his regular show and fired from radio but has he been fired fired? I may still be in with a chance here. ;)

My email is sister_clamp@operamail.com if you'd rather reply in private. Still up for your punishment if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm an author on a book tour. I got bumped from a radio interview today (after waiting 20 minutes in their lobby) because all anyone wanted to talk about was Imus..

shouda bet on that said...


Sorry, missed the URL in my previous post. Here it is, fresh off the AP newswire:

Don Imus Loses Job in Stunning Fall

sister_clamp said...

Hey there Shouda!

Thanks for the URL. I'll cop to it. However, just for the record, while I'm carrying KY's *ahem* toilet bags through Central Park, may I just share something from the article you linked:

Imus' troubles have also affected his wife, whose book "Green This!" came out this week. Her promotional tour has been called off "because of the enormous pressure that Deirdre and her family are under," said Simon & Schuster publicist Victoria Meyer.

People are buying it, though: An original printing of 45,000 was increased to 55,000.

Mwah ha ha ha ha
("Yes Miss Snark! The gin pail...right away, Miss Snark!")

Kelley Bell said...

Possible Headlines:

"Public Power Surge Leaves Shock Jock in the Dark."

"Watts Up? Imus loses Amps."

"Shock no longer Sheik."

Alorinna said...

This is a good article comparing Imus to others:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he was a jerk. Often, in fact.

But his show was the best thing worth listening to when you spend hours on the road every morning for 6 years.

And, as a true listener, I can tell you straight out: he was no racist. Classist, maybe. He especially had no patience for middle class, ordinary white folks.

But he was no more a racist than any of us who might also say "You people" when confronted by the reverands Al and Jesse. Actually, I would say worse than that. They are a certain kind of people that has nothing to do with being black, and everything to do with being sleazy opportunists.

I can't stand my mornings now.

Geesh, I miss the whole crew.
Especially Cardinal Egan.

Termagant 2 said...

You folks are kidding, right? Imus is not through. He's not even close. Stats show that most of these radio types who are canned for nit-speech are rehired (yes, Amanda--rehired) after time passes and the flap has died down.

Reason? Money. Shock jocks do not have their jobs by accident. The radio station notes that their revenue has fallen since they fired Nit Mouth. Hence, the rehire.

I hope Imus is the exception that proves the rule.