Work for hire as pub credit

Senorita Snark:

Late last year I finished writing a "work for hire" manuscript of a travel guide to Spain, due to be published in the spring of '08. My questions are 1) at what point can I claim this as a pub. credit (i.e. do I have to wait until next year?) and 2) how do I reference this kind of work, as I have no rights as the author?

You can claim it now. You write "I completed the work for hire project Senorita Snark Slinks Through Seville (Publisher: forthcoming 2008)".

You mention it only if you don't have anything else to mention. As pub credits go, this isn't top drawer but at least it's something.

Agents understand your name won't be on the cover or copyright page. On the other hand don't be tempted to embellish. You don't know if I know the publisher or will check up on what you tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, depending on the project, your name IS on the cover of a work-for-hire project. My name is on several novel covers that way. Yeah, I'd love to have a long list of original works to list, but WFH helps pay the bills, and it shows an agent or editor that you know how to meet a deadline, take editorial comments, and generally behave like a real writer.