Book two

Dear Miss Snark,

After following your advice with care and diligence, I snared myself Agent Wonderful. She is out pimping my very first book to editors, sending me updates when warranted. In short: Yippee!

In the meantime, I have finished my very second book. Friends are encouraging me to send VSB off to Agent Wonderful. But Agent Wonderful has only been shopping VFB for a short while (in Publishing Time) and I know she's working hard at it, rattling editor cages all over town. I suspect she's also busy with other clients. She knows I've been working on something. She has not asked to see it. When/if should I bring VSB to the attention of Agent Wonderful?

Tell her you've got it and ask if she wants to see it.

Generally I don't want to see book two till I've sold book one. If I can't sell book one of course, I'll read book two and see if that might have better luck.

I never shop two books by one author at the same time unless they are wildly different things such as a book of sonnets and a Western set in space.


Kelly McCullough said...

Interesting response. My agent very specifically wanted me to keep writing while he was trying to sell the first book and to send the next one along as soon as it was finished and so on.

At one point, before the first sale he had four of my novels out with various editors. Now, with four sold (only 1 from that intial 4), he's got five out along with five proposals--I write more than one book a year.

My agent's reasoning (as I understand it) is that he's repping not just this or that book, but helping me to build a career to both of our benefits which means multiple books sold sooner rather than later and that more books out is going to do that faster.

Miss Snark's method seems to be quite different (I'm sure she has excellent reasons) and I'd be interested in hearing the thinking behind it.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider a novel and a non-fiction proposal two wildly different animals?
I currently have both with my brand new agent and was wondering what kind of game plan to expect.