Happy Birthday Mr. Pynchon Haiku WC honors

Recognition for being clever
A Pynchon time saves
Nine and forty chums of chance
From lots of crying

Recognition for suitably obscure
The rainbow cares not
For gravity, thus mortals
Seek substance in vain

The ones that made Miss Snark laugh
…screaming comes across
The sky. Is it rocket? No.
Book lands on head. Ouch.

Are Snark and Pynchon
chums of chance? Oh, wow--this ought
to be really good.

Who’s this enigma,
Elusive as a rainbow?
Pynchon is Miss Snark.

Homage to the previous writing contest winner
Seventy gables
Cast longer shadows across
The old Pynchon elm

Recognition for best birthday visual
Blowing comes across the cake
Seventy candles

Recognition for honoring another literary milestone
t. pynchon's rainbow,
el arco iris in spain.
cervantes' spectrum

Recognition as Miss Snark's finalists
Gravity's Rainbow,
Pulitzer? Nebula? No.
Magnum Opus, Yes.

What goes up comes down
Apogee's apology
Gravity's Rainbow

Meaning focuses.
Gravity is understood
Her heart feels the poem

Chums of Chance balloon
into inverted rainbows
Pynchon's gravity

And Miss Snark's selection for the prize

"Chums," said Tom Pynchon
of skydiving, "just take a
chance with gravity."


Anonymous said...

i liked #1 the best.

Divine Bird said...

Wow, I made Miss Snark LAUGH?? That's almost better than WINNING. :D

#5 :)

Anonymous said...

A finalist? Wow. Thanks, Miss Snark!

Anonymous said...

I like 65, but they're all funny.

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark picks the best.
Her taste for words "mwa" divine.
Happy day, Mr. P.

I knew there would be ramifications for thinking of a chummy chance grave rainbow haiku. Nevertheless, it was fun.

Ghost Girl (aka, Mary Ann) said...

I love it! Awesome! The prize winner is brilliant!

Of course after I sent mine, I realized I messed up the middle line--5 syllables (duh!).

Thanks for putting me up there in spite of that flub!

Lisa Cohen said...

Ah, poor Basho must be rolling in his grave. :)

By the standards of haiku, number 37 comes closest.

Chums of Chance balloon
into inverted rainbows
Pynchon's gravity

There is the (obscure) seasonal reference to summer (rainbows) and a turn between lines 2 and 3 with the 3rd line moderating the meaning of lines 1 and 2.

For an excellent journal of modern english language haiku (and other eastern forms), see www.worldhaikureview.org.

/end poetic critique mode.

Enjoyed reading these, Miss Snark. Kudos to the clever submitters.

And congrats to all the honorees.

Jillian said...

I'm endlessly delighted to have made you laugh. :)

Melissa said...

#65 thanks for the chuckle!

Can't believe I was granted the ‘boldest statement of the obvious’ by Anonymous #4, and that I made Miss Snark’s list of finalists. I’m flattered and tickled pink.


brendajane said...

Wow! What a surprise to be a finalist amongst this talented group! Thank you, Miss Snark, for the contest and the recognition.

And thank you to ljcohen, for saying such nice things.


Sam said...

So much talent!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I kind of still don't get some of them.

JM Edward said...

Seventy Haikus...
Thoughts permanently stuck in
syllabic pattern.

to all participants and
winners. This was fun.

Anonymous said...

They were all good and well done to all and sundry mentioned and to the winner, seems a reasonable choice.

Just out of curiosity were you inundated with entries or did the format put people off?

Anonymous said...

But what's the prize????

Heck, isn't that what we watch all the games shows for -- to see those "fabulous prizes?"

Congrats, winner!!!

Dan Leo said...

Thanks, Miss Snark, and to all the poetic Snarklings. As for me:

when I finish Proust
maybe then at last I’ll start
Gravity’s Rainbow.