Happy Birthday Mr. Pynchon Haiku Writing Contest-1-41

Entry #1
waitress said to bob
stop pinchon my ass, fuckwad
we blanched. chums of chance.

Entry #2
Gravity's Rainbow,
Pulitzer? Nebula? No.
Magnum Opus, Yes.

Entry #3
What goes up comes down
Apogee's apology
Gravity's Rainbow

Entry #4
Being snarked hurts good
Cluegun shifts my gravity
Rainbow gin saves me

Entry #5
Are Snark and Pynchon
chums of chance? Oh, wow--this ought
to be really good.

Entry #6
Pynchon fĂȘted, yet
I'm barfing bananas, and
The rainbows explode.

Entry #7
Gravity’s Rainbow
Against the Day of Pynchon
Chums of Chance float by!

Entry #8
a post-horn rainbows
gravity's autumnal sky.
chums of chance screaming.

Entry #9
Gravity pushes
Rainbows arch over Vineland
Pynchon's seventy

Entry #10
Rocket to the brain
that explodes comprehension.
Gravity’s Rainbow.

Entry #11
Gravity stopped him
Pynchon could see the rainbow
Chums of chance no more

Entry #12
Pot of gold waiting
At rainbow's end, or maybe...
Multi-book contract?

Entry #13
Behold great Pynchon;
slithered by on Chums of Chance,
reflects on hard days.

Entry #14
Gravity and Sky,
lovers, not chance chums, Pynchon
Rainbow’s cheeks… both sets.

Entry #15
gravity at hand
global ruin in earth’s tears
rainbow tribe of one

Entry #16
Marvelous Pynchon,
Switch rainbow ends with me. Flip
fates; ride my seesaw?

Entry #17
Head hits the pillow
Gravity gives us a pinch
On our rainbow cheeks

Entry #18
Rainbow bends to earth
Is elusive Pynchon there?
Slow Learners are we.

Entry #19
Chums of Chance unite
Beneath Pynchon's full rainbow
To fight gravity!

Entry #20
gravity at hand
global ruin in earth’s tears
rainbow tribe of one

Entry #21
Lust and gravity:
"Hey! Who's that pynchon my ass?!"
Rainbows from her punch.

Entry #22
Meaning focuses.
Gravity is understood
Her heart feels the poem

Entry #23
Let 49 just
Cry Rainbow tears
for our Chums of Chance

Entry #24
Chums of Chance pynchon
to the rainbow of their dreams
gravity stops them

Entry #25
Who’s this enigma,
Elusive as a rainbow?
Pynchon is Miss Snark.

Entry #26
"Chums," said Tom Pynchon
of skydiving, "just take a
chance with gravity."

Entry #27
Chums of Chance balloon
into inverted rainbows
Pynchon's gravity

Entry #28
Gravity keeps me
below your rainbow, Pynchon
with my chums of chance.

Entry #29
Seventy gables
Cast longer shadows across
The old Pynchon elm

Entry #30
Blowing comes across the cake
Seventy candles

Entry #31
Wherefore art thou Thomas
Salinger says you are a
Catcher of Rainbows

Entry #32
Chums of Chance take flight
rising towards Pynchon’s rainbow
Gravity be damned!

Entry #33
'Twas the chums of chance
served by Rasputin-like kin
pulled my rainbow down

Entry #34
on a rain-wet bough
last leaves bend to gravity
lovers eloping

Entry #35
Gravity's Rainbow
Such an enduring story
By Thomas Pynchon

Entry #36
Does the love of death
In Pynchon’s gravest novel
Trace a rainbow’s arc?

Entry #37
Pynchon's posthorn chums:
Lot cries. Benny stencils, and
Chances traverse Webb

Entry #38
t. pynchon's rainbow,
el arco iris in spain.
cervantes' spectrum

Entry #39
Pynchon's rainbow prose,
Bright and weightless; his greatness,
Optic illusion.

Entry #40
Rainbow gravity.
Pynchon and Clooney collide.
Snark asks: Chums of chance?

Entry #41
Gravity up on
Heat and sky, wind and sea, lost.
Chums of chance. Gone. Gone.


Marcus T said...

Wow. Having read all the entries, I can easily say that mine (#11) sucks compared to the rest. Well played, all of you.

Anonymous said...

Snarktests are the best
put your writing to the test
will gin bribe the judge?

kaolin fire said...

arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. /me curses, gnashes, and curses some more.

All it took was two hours for me to forget to pay attention.

V for visceral
writing that moves mind and soul
the nose job killed me

Anonymous said...

I liked 9 and 17 - they even obey the real rules of haiku pretty well (references to the seasons/weather properly included).

Ryan Field said...

Number one has a certain ring to it.