Happy Birthday Mr. Pynchon Haiku Writing Contest-42

Entry #42
Pynchon's Chums of Chance
Such a gravity to read
by summer rainbow

Entry #43
Too many of us
Grasping, wanting, fighting, hope
Chums of Chance fly on

Entry #44
read with gravity
t. pynchon's lot 49
gives rainbow migraine

Entry #45

A Pynchon my bun:
Chums of Chance say Gravity
Pulls them close to me.

Entry #46
Our love for Pynchon
Love in rainbow gravity
Left us Chums of Chance

Entry #47
A Pynchon time saves
Nine and forty chums of chance
From lots of crying

Entry #48
Pynchon, chum of chance?
Gravity's impressive, but
My rainbow's bigger.

Entry #49

Where's our Chum Pynchon?
Hiding under the Rainbow
- sailor boy gone bad

Entry #50
Students slog pages
Written only in zeroes.
Please Pychon, no Maas.

Entry #51
I can fit Pynchon
and rainbow, even gravity
Can't fit chums of chance

Entry #52
Gravity is clear; machine
Gun fondue a bomb.

Entry #53
War-weary worlds watch
Pynchon's rockets rising on
Rainbow wakes of flame.

Entry #54
Pynchon, sailor boy,
sing me sea songs: dawn, thunder
fading, the rainbow.

Entry #55
Verne, Joyce, chums of chance
deconstructing gravity
Nobel rainbow wakes

Entry #56
War-weary worlds watch
Pynchon's rockets rising on
Rainbow wakes of flame.

Entry #57
The rainbow cares not
For gravity, thus mortals
Seek substance in vain

Entry #58
I'm Pynchon myself,
To see, on chance, gravity,
Flatten rainbows, chum.

Entry #59
I fight gravity
With gym work-outs. My spouse asks
What will I Pynchon?

Entry #60
Pynchon stood aghast
as Chums of Chance crashed and burned
This was not correct

Entry #61
Pynchon's Gravity
casts not just a Rainbow, but
lures of fabled gold.

Entry #62 (Inspired by recent events in Kansas)
Beyond gravity,
Spring thunderstorm's fury spent;
Rainbow bears witness.

Entry #63
Seventy is old,
Children cherish Chums of Chance,

Entry #64
Wild spring gravity
Pynchon rainbow sky juice drizzle
Chums of Chance weird dance

Entry #65
…screaming comes across
The sky. Is it rocket? No.
Book lands on head. Ouch.

Entry #66
The rainbow cares not
For gravity, thus mortals
Seek substance in vain

Entry #67
Pinch on my cheeks, chums.
Of chance, fleshy bums and rain
Bow to gravity.

Disqualified but fabulous

twenty-five thousand,
five hundred sixty-seven
mornings--well lived, Tom.

Pulitzer: Rainbow's
v1 you thought too dense? well,
V-2's on its way

Real gravity hides
Beneath the Groucho glasses
And the clown car plots


Cory Harris said...

I'm a big fan of #65. Hilarious.

Rei said...

Congrats to everyone who made it through :)
Next time, I'll watch my spelling of "Yapp" (two Ps!)

Listing on billows
Antwerp's hulk drowns inken knights
Chums of chance for sharks

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, how weird - I was going to do one with the same idea as #67 but couldn't finish it in time. Glad somebody could!

Sten Düring said...

That's, that's, that's ten submissions per minute, and you retained the right NOT to publish them all?
Remind me to never, ever, look at your slush pile!

Thanks for the fun ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha... 70 haikus for 70 years

Joseph Edward Ryan said...

I wanted to compete too. But I lost track of the time. Here is what I got:

Born to march
To rainbows we march, to faith
To oblivion


Anonymous said...

Sent one with dot and
One no dot in killer yapp
Oops. Made it through twice.

Anonymous said...

There's definitely something to be said for the good ole American haiku. Tasty, satisfying, and yet I always have room for more. I liked the ones with puns the best.

I hope this cyber wave of goodwill soon reaches its intended target with all pixels and digits intact.
His big book, my little world, rocket.

Anonymous said...

Boldest statement of the obvious:

Most upsetting statement of co-dependency:

Most prosodic "Look! I've read Pynchon!" show-off:

Most internally-logical pinchin' pun:

Most unintentionally orgasmic:

Most unintelligibly true to Japanese form:

Best concise precis of Gravity's Rainbow:

Most ink-covered passport:

Biggest throat-lump:

Experiential memesis nominee:

Ironic sour grapes nominee:

Miss Snark stutter-button nominee:
#53 & #56

Well-intended misappropriation award:

Miss Snark stutter-button award:
#57 & #66

Experiential memesis award:

Anonymous said...

most highfalutin language award:
anonymous above :)

Marcus T said...

I was going to make some kind of reference to Pynchon being so close to Pinchot, but I was pretty doubtful anybody would remember the actor who played Balki on Perfect Strangers 20 years ago.

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Whoa, My head spinneth
Reading Chummy Pynchon 'Ku's.
Bad week to stop meds.

--This works only if you say Whoa really, really fast, so it comes out quickly as just one syllable.

Also, note the abbreviated word for the plural form of haiku-- I know the second apostrophe should not be there, but it's like one of those I dos where it looks like dos instead of do's, or if you're saying he got straight As and it looks like straight as instead of the letter A.

See, isn't it obvious just by reading what I'm posting that I should not have stopped my meds?!?

Did I miss what the big prize is?

Greg said...

#1 has an enjoyable vulgar charm.

#21/26 best use the words.

#20 and #34 are nicely poetic.

#12's kinda cute.

#23 , 47: good reference to other Pynchon work.

#53 is my second-favorite (like the anti-war refs).

#62 is my personal favorite, though is "Inspired by recent events in Kansas" a cheat?

#65 is by me (thanks, Cory & anonymous--I think. [bows modestly]).

Two of the DQed ones are really good, as is rei's.

Anonymous said...

Marcus T - doan be redeec-o-loas!

Kate Thornton said...

Congratulations to everyone! I loved reading them all.

I was on the road at the appointed time - but here's mine:

Miss Snark, you give us
Ten syllables already
Only seven left

Unknown said...

Don't know this Pynchon
Chums of Chance? Poker buddies?
Haiku. God bless you.