A Tribute to Nicholas Pekearo

I've mentioned the two auxiliary officers who were killed in Greenwich Village on March 14. One, Nicholas Pekearo, was a writer and a devoted reader. A young man who volunteered his time to make our city a good place to live. In other words, one of those guys you never hear about until he's dead before his time, and it's too late to thank him for stepping up.

There's a benefit concert on May 9, here in New York, for a cause this man believed in.

A Tribute to Nicholas Pekearo

Benefit Concert for PROTECT featuring Jesse Dayton, a hard rocking, good time guy from Austin, TX.

Don Hill's 511 Greenwich St., New York, NY

May 9, 2007 : doors open at 9PM

cover : $20.00 (100% donated to PROTECT)

Complete details can be found here


Travis Erwin said...

Go. Jesse Dayton is worth the twenty bucks alone, but with the proceeds going to a good cause yo have no excuse. Unless you are like me and live some eleven or twelve hundred miles from NYC.

Dave Kuzminski said...

I'm impressed that it's being operated so that 100% of the proceeds goes to the cause.

Too often there are disclaimers that only 100-x% of the proceeds are going to the cause. When that happens, I can't help but wonder just how much profit is being made on someone's hardship.

Like I said, I'm impressed that it isn't the case here, that people are willing to donate their time and resources freely to generate money for the cause. So, to echo the sentiments, please go and attend if you're in the area. Celebrate the good we learned about too late.

Manic Mom said...

Oh wow. God bless him, his family and loved ones.

Desperate Writer said...

What a terrible thing. All too often, we take our law officers for granted....

Kasey Mackenzie said...

Oh, what an awful thing for those two officers and their families and friends. Such a horrible tragedy. :( The one positive I can see in the situation is that they kept the gunman occupied long enough that he couldn't take any other civilians' lives before other officers made it to the scene. I hope they raise a lot of money at this tribute!