The venerable Bede? no, that's Miss Bent to you, bucko

Miss. Snark,

I recently submitted an email query to Jenny Bent and she replied in less than 24 hours asking me to send her a partial (50 pages) via email. It has been two weeks since I sent it and I got no confirmation that she got it but I am pretty sure she did. Is two weeks a bad indication that it has been rejected after such a quick response to my query? How long should I wait until I inquire if at all?

I am a first time author so I am not sure how long these things take.

First clue: there are 4000 posts on this blog. At least ten percent of them deal with timing. My guess is you've read none of them. Before you ask basic questions, at least make a stab at finding the answer. There are two direct benefits: you'll find out faster AND you won't look like a nitwit.

Second clue: Here's what Miss Bent's daily schedule is

9am arrive at office via sedan chair

9:05am receive editors lined up begging to buy projects

12:02pm first lunch with Michiko

12:42pm second lunch with Oprah

1:30pm return to office to sort through offers from morning's editor line up

1:45pm return phone calls from worthy editors

3:10pm afternoon tea with Mick Jagger who is seeking advice on a ghost writer for his long overdue bio

3:45 pm read emails in slush pile

3:46pm sort through invitations from beseeching prize committees such as Nobel and Pulitzer

3:47pm conduct six auctions simultaneously with color coded ink pens and briskly efficient team of assistants

3:52pm make five editors weep in frustration as the Next Big Book goes elsewhere

4:15pm telephone calls with clients who offer up a litany of thanks, chocccies, loinfruit (first born of course) and really good scotch

5:00pm sedan chair for trip home

7:15pm dinner with Pope who is overheard whispering ruefully "oh such sweet temptation"

9:15pm returns home to peruse manuscripts

10:00pm fall asleep in bower of rose petals

As you can see Miss Bent is extremely busy doing what they pay her for down there: selling books. And partials get 30 days even if she isn't.


Dave said...

Remember, when you "10:00pm fall asleep in bower of rose petal" you wake up in a bed of thorns.

Lin Neiswender said...

Love the exquisite suspense, making him/her read all the way to the end for the answer, post-shellacking

Kimber An said...

Wow! If I was you, I'd just be grateful I got a request for a partial from Miss Bent in the first place! Regardless of the outcome or response time. After reading her requirements for submission, I concluded an unpublished author didn't stand a chance.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Damn. Not even a full hour for Oprah after she flew all that way.

THAT is clout.

A Paperback Writer said...

Wow. Gee, Miss Bent's day sounds better than mine! I wanna be an agent!

Mark said...

Just a bit inflated. A bit.

Anonymous said...

Think she could use an apprentice?