Bundle of Joy...second delivery!

Further to the posting below on the practice of bundling:

I said I've never bundled a bunch of partials or proposals and sent them off but in fact, when I read the comment about group rejections, I realized I have done exactly that.

Editors who work and live outside NYC come to town every couple months and set up meetings with agents. We cover a lot of ground at those meetings and frequently they'll want to see more than one project. I mail all the projects (with separate cover letters) in one envelope. Sometimes I get one rejection letter for all the projects.

It will also happen with newly hired, promoted, or just changed jobs editors. They're looking to build a list and want to see LOTS of stuff. I send it all. Again, batched stuff, and sometimes batched rejection letters.

So, yes it happens. It's such a rarity I didn't even think of it till later. The proviso is of course that every project has been requested by the editor. It's not just dropping a bunch of manuscripts in the mail room and hoping for the best.

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Torgo said...

Yep, if you go to a book fair and meet an agent, they will quite often note the books you're interested in and send the manuscripts through afterwards; or we'll send manuscripts out to potential coedition publishers in the same way. But it isn't a good standard practice.