Do Overs

A Snarkling wonders:

Was there ever an occasion when an author (and their novel) you’re representing was rejected and then you went back to the editor (or editors) to try and change their mind about their decision? Or is that considered unprofessional, too pushy or unbusinesslike? In other words, was there ever a time where you disagreed with the editor so strongly that you felt you had to go back and try again? And if you did, did it ever work?

No do overs.
Particularly not with novels.
However, "neener neener" when the book hits the best seller list, wins an Edgar, and is optioned for a movie, then takes home the Oscar for best screenplay is always fun.

This applies to agents as well.
Once an agent says no, just realize they are obviously deranged, it was a close call cause you almost did business with someone with no taste, and move on to the next person on your list.

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Ira Rosofsky said...

I am looking forward to sending my "in a nice deal" press releases to all the close call rejecting agents.