fe fi faux fumble?

A Snarkling fears:

I received a charming e-mail from an agent I met at a conference, saying she's looking forward to receiving my manuscript. I sent 250 pages to another agent from the same conference and gave her a six-week exclusive.

I e-mailed the agent, and told her I had given another agent an exclusive ('cause I met her first and she asked), and wanted to let her know, since, if I was rejected by the agent to whom I had granted exclusivity (highly likely) I'd like to send her the material, and didn't want her to think I was blowing her off, a procrastinator or disorganized. She e-mailed back a thanks-for-the-update. Was this correct conduct to play it straight, or did I commit a faux pas by letting one agent know I had sent on my stuff to another?

What did Miss Snark tell you about exclusives??
Well, never mind.
You did fine.
This happens all the time.
We're aware writers speak to many agents at conferences.

The tricky part here is, because you've sent it on exclusive, if the first agent makes you an offer, you'll need to decide whether to go with her/him before your ms is read by anyone else.

It's nice to be wanted though, isn't it!!

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