Miss Snark is NOT Joanna Pulcini

Jennifer Weiner, all time cool writer, whom I adore mentions me...sort of..on her blog:

Finally, on a hopelessly inside-baseball note, writers who read this site might know that there's an agent out there who blogs under the nom de guerre Miss Snark.

Speculation's been rampant as to the identity of the masked agent, with some readers guessing that Miss Snark is, in fact, my agent, the divine and beneficent Joanna Pulcini.
How do I know this? Because Joanna told me so.

"They think she's ME!" she squeaked indignantly over dinner.

My editor and I almost dropped our profiteroles.

"You?" I gasped. "Snarky?"

Joanna looked even more indignant. "I can be snarky!"

"You are so not snarky. You're the opposite of snark. You," I told her, "are where snark goes to die."


"You went to Catholic school for high school, college, and graduate school!" I said. "If someone walked into your house, told you your sister was ugly and took a dump on your dining-room table, you'd offer them toilet tissue. Scented toilet tissue!"

"No, I wouldn't!" said Joanna.

"No, she wouldn't," said my editor.

"Okay," I said. "You're tough. But you're not snarky."

Joanna Pulcini is very cool. I like her a lot. I like Jen's editor too. I adore Jennifer Weiner. I'm not any of them.


Kitty said...

Speaking of Jennifer Weiner ... I was up 'til 3:30 this morning reading Good In Bed. I cried reading about her father, and I laughed so hard over "Harry Acorn" that I almost woke up my husband. As I'm reading it, I take note of what, exactly, makes it so good that I can't put it down, because I want to write like that, too. Thanks for recommending it!
(I'm halfway through it.)

Miss Snark said...

I'm so glad you love it. I do too.
I even broke the cardinal rule of not speaking to strangers on the subway the other day when I saw someone reading In Her Shoes. "I just loved that book" bubbled up without even thinking. The girl reading the book loved it too..we ended up having a nice, albeit quick, conversation...and you can guess how often THAT happens in NYC.

Motherhood for the Weak said...

I love Jennifer Weiner, but I think Miss Snark doth protest too much. ;)


Ira Rosofsky said...

I can make a convincing case that a particular agent is Miss Snark, and it's not Pulcini. The case is convincing to the extent that if the agent in question isn't Miss Snark, she ought to be. But I wonder if I should publish the evidence, since Miss Snark would deny it. I could publish the evidence from the agent's web page without naming the agent. This sounds like a tease, but I do find the case compelling, if I say so myself.

Shadow said...

But we all know who Miss Snark is. (thanks, Kitty)

Ira Rosofsky said...

OK, I'll won't blow her cover today.It will remain just our little secret.

Christine said...

I adore Jennifer too! I picked up Good in Bed from the library a few weeks ago. I could totally relate to her through that whole book. Awesome, and I'm not a chick-flick fan. I like to read her blog too. She's from Philly, near here. I would love to meet her.

Ok, I'm gushing, I'll admit it :)

W. S. Cross said...

I don't know Jennifer, though I found her advice to writers somewhat fey when she glosses over writing for the Philly Inky as not having much to do with finding an agent, or the fact that she knew other writers with agents who helped her.

Getting published is a lot harder than the successful writer would usually allow for.

But with a book about a Philly girl, I guess I'll have to cut her some extra slack.

Kitty said...

There y'go, Shadow!

lady t said...

I found Miss Snark thru Jennifer Weiner's blog(been a fan ever since Good in Bed)and I just love the "secret identity" nature of bloggers-gives you alot more freedom to speak your mind. On the other hand,wouldn't mind knowing some folks
in the blogosphere in the real world but hey,as the commerical use to say,you can atleast"reach out and touch someone.":)