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Dear Miss Snark,

I am wondering if it is possible for an author in the United States to be published in a country of another language? For example ~ Let's say I am writing a fantastic account of the French Renaissance. Would it be possible for me to forgo the U.S. agent/publisher/general torture route and find representation directly in France?

Or do foreign publishers only deal with published works? Or would I have to first become a French mistress or something equally ..... well, interesting to have my work published....

Many thanks for your response.

A fan who thinks Miss Snark should have personalized stationary reading:
"Gin, Tonic & George Clooney"

Sure you can.
And if you want to seriously pursue this, you better pack your bags and head over to the Frankfort Book Fair in October and hang out with some of them thar Gauloise smokin', pate munching, champagne swilling agents Fran├žais.

This is like the idea that David Hasselhoff is really popular in Germany and can't get arrested here. And Jerry Lewis too. Whereas, Johnny Carson used to vacation in France cause he said it was the one place no one knew who he was.

You were planning to write in French, right?

beaucoup d'amour,
Mme Snarque


Ira Rosofsky said...

"Gauloise smokin', pate munching, champagne swilling agents Fran├žais."

The French have all become Marlboro men actually. Only ancien regime Frenchies smoke gauloise. Sartre is dead. The only factory making Gauloise is in Spain, which has the highest lung cancer rate in Europe.

Miss Snark said...

sacre bleu!
No wonder Miss Snark has been coughing less in the metro.

Shadow said...

Oh dear, Miss Snark. The gin must have briefly gotten the better of you.

"Mme" is the abbrv. for "Madame" (Mrs.)

Of course you meant "Mlle", for "Miss."

Miss Snark said...