Will Someone Please Tell Robert Parker to Retire

Just finished Cold Service the new Robert B. Parker novel.
I loved his Godwulf Manuscript.
I even liked Early Autumn and Looking for Rachel Wallace
I stopped buying hardcover after The Widening Gyre.

I kept reading his books from the library... up till now.
Now I'm not giving him any more time. Not even on Friday is Fluff night.

Robert Parker ran out of new ideas about 40 books ago.
He's still describing how Susan eats, in exactly the same way, like he’s never noticed it before and worse, we haven’t either. She still doesn't cook and she's better faster stronger and smarter than any other woman alive on the planet.

Hawk is still incapable of love.
And Spenser still struggles with his code.

Bob, you're boring me.
And even though I'm a great believer in dialogue, exposition through dialogue with little else gets as tedious as anything in overabundance can.

Athletes get the snot kicked out of them when they play too long. Or their contracts don’t get renewed. Writers don't have the luxury of a good shellacking or a firing as long as Putnam is making scads of dough. Consider this a well needed kick in the ass.


Mr. Breese said...

Read some of his Westerns. They're actually very pretty good. His book about Jackie Robertson is also good.

Parker shouldn't retire; Spenser should.

Miss Snark said...

ok, I believe you.
I've only read his mysteries. The Sunny Randall books, that sheriff book, and the Spenser books.

I'm still not going to read anything else though. I'm kind of annoyed he's being such a lazy slut.

Maya Reynolds said...

I agree he's been mailing them in, but it's kind of like going to see A Christmas Carol at the Theatre Center every Christmas. It's the same tired story with a new backdrop, but it's tradition.

I've been reading a Spenser book a year for my entire adult life. It's almost a reflex action. See book. Buy book. I don't get excited the way I do when I see a Lee Child or a Dana Stabenow, but it's the equivalent of the pasta e fagioli soup my grandmother used to make. Comfort food.

occasional_anonymous said...

Hear the friends of the anonymous whine.
When's Robert Jordan going to finish Wheel of Time?

(okay, that's a half-rhyme at best)

We buy all his books
And it just looks
As if it's going to go on for all time.

Stop buying the damn things, guys!

Linda Maye Adams said...

I did the same thing with Sue Grafton. I got to about Book 7 and felt like it was the same old same old.

George Kelley said...

Robert Parker, Stephen King, Sue Grafton, etc. have their audience who will read ANYTHING they write. They are review-proof. They just keep cranking out their winning formula fiction.

Anonymous said...

For those who love Robert Parker and Spenser, each new book is like visiting an old friend. Personally, I enjoy watching characters I've read for 20 years go through different stages of life. Thank heavens we don't all have the same taste. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But taking cheap shots at Parker on your blog and suggesting that he ought to retire because you don't happen to like his recent work is, well, tacky.

Inez said...

This is a way old post, and I'm sure no one is reading but
I used to LOOOOOVE this guy--
No more .
Dead again, Mlle Snarque

Samus said...

The literary gods will smack me for this, but I'm tired of John Irving. His writing is so good that I want to strangle him for working the same themes, the same women, the same young men, the same backdrop, again and again and again. So sorry, but I'm bored with young New England prep school men on the wrestling team who fall in love with ideal older women in swinging marriages whose children die.