Before and After?

I had a quick question for you. Since running the crapometer for 1st pages, query letters, and synopses, have you run across any of the exact same submissions in "real life", where the person sent something through the crapometer and also to your agency?

If so, were there marked improvements in the quality of the submission after having run through the crapometer?

I've seen several queries at my agency from people who read this blog. Sadly I haven't been able to take any of them on as clients.

I don't know if I've seen before/after; my memory for queries is about 35 seconds.

I do think it would be an interesting study to see if it actually helps people. Perhaps some graduate student needing a thesis will come calling one day.


Anonymous said...

And the crapometer prize award trophy hoopla contest winners are?

Miss Snark said...

Thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot to post the results. They are up now.

Alphabeter said...

You admit people who read this blog have submitted to your agency.

Perhaps even current clients read this blog. But do they know they are clients of the agency employing Miss Snark (or perhaps of the lady herself)?

Has someone (current client of you/agency or seeking) figured out who you are and specifically contacted you about it? Would you confirm it?

While I'm sure there are several smart literary agents in New York who have dogs, even poodles perhaps, how many would lay claim to all that is Miss Snark?