The Book Buffet Serves Up a Question

Thanks for the tip on Laura Lippman. I'm reading TO THE POWER OF THREE now (great stuff) and have her first Tess book in my reading stack.

Question: Imagine anyone you really, really enjoy reading. Would you want to represent that person (if you don't) or would the ups and downs of the relationship spoil the reading experience for you?

Like if Laura Lippman needed some Snark in her corner? Well, she doesn't, she's ably represented as they say "elsewhere" but if we might just use the Divine Miss L as an example, hell yes, I'd take her on. Do I look insane? Don't answer that till I wash my face and comb my rat tail hair.

Yes, it would absolutely change how I read her books. Right now I pounce on them, retire to the settee on a Friday night, turn off the phone, and just dive in. I leave all my objectivity in the refrigerator to chill out. I read LL strictly for fun and pleasure. She's like a delicious torte: rich, yummy, and satisfying.

I don't read client's books for fun or pleasure. They are not tortes. They are oatmeal cookies; still delicious, but more businesslike. They ARE fun and pleasurable to many people; I've got some writers here that are absolutely the cat's pajamas (to mix metaphors madly). My job is not to be their fan. My job is frequently that of first reader, first editor, and ALWAYS objective eye for the market.

There's room on the book buffet for tortes and oatmeal cookies. Are there any tortes I'd want to convert to oatmeal? The money would be nice sure, but Miss Snark needs torte too.


Maya Reynolds said...

Agents do not live by oatmeal alone?

Anonymous said...

I believe writers should do the same read for pleasure and for oatmeal. When I read for oatmeal I'm trying to see how they pull the reader in, what is working, what isn't etc. It's still enjoyable- but very different than reading just for fun. Must be all that fiber- it gets the creativity moving

Remodeling Repartee said...

I agree with eileen. The genre I write in is my oatmeal. My torte is a different one.

But ya know, I still sometimes find oats in the chocolate.