By Way of Example

I'm grubbing around in the slush pile this afternoon before heading out to a drinks date.

A letter arrives. It contains a cover letter and a synopis. I root around in the envelope. No SASE. Boy did I laugh. The cover letter said "I've published two books to acclaim". No publisher. No date.

No dice.


Am I missing the next Great American Novel? Dunno. Maybe. But I'm tired and I just can't be bothered to deal with someone who makes extra work for me. That's the dog's honest truth here from Snarkville today. Take it for what it's worth.


Anonymous said...

Would you say that publishers have distinct personality traits, when it comes to the way their editors handle material, books they publish, and the way they market books? How would you characterize the biggest publishers and their general 'tude towards agents and authors? I mean, different agent build different kinds of rapport with different editors, but I wonder how much a notorious (or good) repuation helps you figure out where to pitch a book.


Brian Farrey said...

So, Miss Snark, I'm confused. What exactly IS your stance on SASEs?

(Brian ducks and covers.)

WannabeMe said...

As a writer, I research the agent. If the agent says please include a SASE, I'm gonna do it. If she says e-queries only, I'm gonna do it. If she says we only accept queries with a box of organic biscuits for my puppy, I'm gonna do it. Not even gonna bat an eye.


Because if I've done my research, then she's the agent I want and I'm gonna do whatever it takes for her to look at my work and give it a fair go instead of annoy the hell out of her and have her rant about me on her blog.

Tribe said...

You sure it wasn't that Naipul guy?

April said...

Maybe I just don't get it, but why do some writers think it is such a big to-do to include an SASE? Now that postage went up, they're just .39 in the US. If I'm going to go through the nerve wracking process of writing to an agent and doing my best to ensure I make a good impression, why risk spoiling it all over a simple SASE? It just doesn't make sense to me. And when submitting a full, I'll put extra postage on the SASE if I'm unsure of how much to put. Even if the agent doesn't use my envelope, they had to use postage, so it's a wash.

And as for the early quote where someone said the only thing an SASE is used for is rejections, I'm happy to say that isn't always the case. My very first SASE held a request for more. So, just spend a couple of more cents and include it. Why waste all the other work you're doing?

Just my 2 cents.

R.J. Baker said...

After all the fur flying today, no SASE is ironic...and the truth is always valued.

Anonymous said...

I once had a dog I named SASE (pronounced "Sassy") because the guy I got her from said I could bring her back if I didn't like her. She was no Killer Yapp, but she had her moments.

Anonymous said...

I've published 45 books to wild acclaim.

I've written a new good book.

Do you want me?

<3 Anon Ymous <3

P.S. Please get in contact with me ASAP via the contact information that I have not provided.

Anonymous said...

Was it James Frey? Tell us, pretty please!

Desperate Writer said...

Boy you need a drink, don't you? :)

Dave Kuzminski said...

Ouch, that quote will probably out you. :(