Does Miss Snark Fan Dance?

Completely off topic, but Miss Snark now has a fan listing!

Miss Snark is a bit overcome at the idea of being the subject of a fan site!
Can an interview with TigerBeat magazine be far behind?
Well, maybe Galleycat, since this is publishing after all!

This is quite an honor!!


Anonymous said...

Cynthia writes:

Of course you have a fan listing! You are revered, Miss Snark! (Oh, and you, too, Killer Yap! I can see pawtograph sessions in your future!)

Molly said...

I joined the fan listing, but it still only shows 1 member (not me). Something's broken.

domynoe said...

Most welcome, Miss Snark!

And, Molly, I have to add you! :)

domynoe said...

BTW, Miss Snarky One, I need the url for that guestmap you have that shows where all your readers are. I'd like to add it to the extras section (in this case, called the slushpile). I tried searching for it among the archives, but Oh. My. God. Was that ever looking for a needle in a haystack! Thankees.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

In fifty years will there be a new quarter with a Snark and Snarklings depicted on the back? Will we have "I went to New York and saw the Snark" bumper stickers on our anti-grav gliders? I don't know.

But you have my gratitude. OH and HI ANN!Thanks again for sending me here.