JT Leroy

Miss Snark, What do you think of the whole JT Leroy brou ha ha?

You mean, what do I think of someone who successfully shields their identity and gets paid for it?

Show ME the money. That's what I think.
I'll even hold hands with Courtney Love.
(oh heck I like Courtney Love...I'll do that part for free)


Anonymous said...


Hypothetical question: If persona fudging becomes an acceptable form of marketing do you see authors being ultimately responsible for make this *$!#* up before they pitch an agent or will agents and publishers craft one for their writers?

Much like “JT” I see myself as a trendy, literary darling with celebrity friends and lots of fringe-culture cred. A professional in the literary industry might think differently. They might see me as a steady mid-lister, a potential spokesperson for Gen Y or a cute and relatively harmless humorist. What should I do?

Tsavo Leone said...

You actually like Courtney Love? Please tell me that Miss Snark has not simply taken complete leave of her senses in some post-crapometer funk, albeit temporarily.

And there was me thinking of proposing... I was even going to let you have George over at the weekends (he's more of a Bacardi man I'm led to believe, but what the hey), and a mere slip of a thing lined up for Killer Yapp too.

Deran Ludd said...

I think "JT Leroy" claiming to have been sexually abused, have AIDS and whatnot is far more, pernicious, than what I know of Frey's escapades. But, I'm also a fan of Courtney Love; and at least the only things to some degree fake about her might be her pectoral augmentation.