Killer Yapp's New Best Friend

As a writer, I research the agent. If the agent says please include a SASE, I'm gonna do it. If she says e-queries only, I'm gonna do it. If she says we only accept queries with a box of organic biscuits for my puppy, I'm gonna do it. Not even gonna bat an eye.

Killer Yapp here (pink tam at jaunty angle) "I wish Miss Snark had that on her website. The chow around here might improve dramatically."

Miss Snark (wresting mouse from jaws of death) "KY, get back to dealing with those query letters sans SASEs, please."


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Snark,

What's Killer Yapp's take on Champion Amigo's Seventh Wave, yanno, the model for the Portuguese water dog in that new kids' book, TED AND SPLASH DOO D.C.? I can't believe a talented pup like KY was passed over for the role!

Emelle in OK

WannabeMe said...

I'm so freakin' giddy about this that I blogged about it, then wrote a skit in honor of my new best bud.

*sends fresh baked organic biscuits to KY and an extra soft, extra pink pillow for his Yappiness.

*sends a new shredder to Miss Snark for all those queries without SASE's.