Miss Snark Is Ready for her closeup!

Miss Snark,

You read through 99 synopses, kept your sense of humor and gave every one the attention it deserved. You let the horrible ones writhe in peace, found something encouraging to say about the semi-horrible ones, and spotted all the hidden gems.

I wish there were a way to make a television show out of this, because it struck me as being very much like "American Idol" for the book-writing set. You would make a wonderful Simon Cowell. I wonder who would be the counterparts of Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson?

The other thing I wish is that you could follow up on the progress of the 99 brave writers. Please tell us in your blog if you hear about any of them getting book contracts! There are a couple of them whose novels I would run out and buy if they got published.

Ok, Snarklings, one and all! If you ran your stuff through any edition of the Crapometer- first page, cover letter, synopses-- and it got your work looked at, let us know!

We're waiting breathlessly!
And Miss Snark does like this idea of TV. The part of Miss Snark could be played by...Nora Desmond.


Anonymous said...

Miss Snark:

I know the crapometer won't be coming around any time soon, but when it does make another appearance, do you have any idea what you'll be feeding it? First pages perhaps? Query letters?

WannabeMe said...

Well, Miss Snark would definitely be a hipper Paula Abdul, though a much snarkier Simon Cowell. As to who can play the part of Randy Jackson? Who else? Our top dawg - Killer YAPP!

Brady Westwater said...

Is Nora... Norma Desmond's younger, prettier... sister?

npetrikov said...

Remember, dana y. t. lin, that the person cast as Paula Abdul must expect to sleep with contestants. It's a role that calls for a volunteer, not a nominee.

Lisa Cohen said...

Miss Snark--After my synopsis ran through your crapometer, I tore it (and its query letter) apart and rebuilt it (better than it was before, better, stronger, faster. . . ).

Got a request for a partial on my first try post snark-ing.


Gina Black said...

There is a writing contest based on the American Idol called the American Title. It's put on by Romantic Times magazine and Dorchester Publishing and it has a fictitious person named Flavia Knightsbridge in the Simon role, although I'm sure that Norma Desmond as our Miss Snark would be fabulous in the role.

The winner of this contest gets a publishing contract. Anyone can vote. This is the contest's second year and the books are all historical romance. The third round starts on January 23 with Best Story Summary.

The reason I know this is I've been one of the finalists--although not with anything I've submitted to Miss Snark. I perferred to send a different work through the crap-o-meter since it seemed odd to send for criticism a book that was up for praise.

Miss Snark said...

norma desmond!
Yes, you're right.
memo to snarky self: do not post things after late night revelries at the local gin joint.

Alphabeter said...

I would buy Nora Dunn (from SNL) though perhaps with properly highlighted red hair.

I see Miss Snark as a brassy redhead. It would offset the pink in KY's tam.

Jena said...

More for your amusement than anything:

This post reminded me of "Dawg! What were you thinking?" an editorial I wrote for the Fall 03 issue of On Spec (an SF magazine I used to co-edit). The editorial never ran -- too snarky, my co-editors said -- but I posted it on my blog. I updated it with references to your site and the synopses run through the Crapometer, and reposted it today: http://editrix.typepad.com/editrix/2006/01/dawg_what_were_.html