Miss Snark is saving her pennies for the Bail bondsman

Pulled from the comment trail:

It may not be illegal to lie, but it's now illegal, under federal law, to annoy on the Internet without disclosing your identity.So it seems that Miss Snark and other anonymous bloggers may be in for trouble -- should anyone find their posts annoying.... I'm making no judgments. Just reporting.

So, one hopes "Gerard Jones" is the real identiy of the guy running Everyone Who's Anyone in Publishing or those Hollywood sharks are gonna come a'suing.

If someone put up a "Miss Snark Sux" blog and second guessed every decision I made, it would certainly be annoying. I would think it interfered with my business I could file a civil suit. The idea that it's criminal and I can complain to the DA and get the guy arrested....well...that kinda sounds like fun.

The shoe being on the other foot however does not. How many times have I tweaked the tail of someone in publishing on this blog? Not often but enough: we're still eviscerating James Frey. Could he file a complaint against me? Intersting concept.

And here, I thought Republicans wanted to keep the governemt OUT of our lives. Silly moi.

The scariest words used to be "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." Now what's worse "I'm from the government and I'm here to make you safe."

Did I miss something or is Osama bin Laden still at large. Surely we have bigger threats than ...well...Miss Snark?


Elektra said...

I'm wondering...does Bookner count as a business, since there's no money being exchanged? I'm getting kind of worried now; I definitely wouldn't put it past that guy to sue

Miss Snark said...

You can share my bail fund Elektra. Dog knows I've said things about him as well. And I stand by every single one of them. Bring on the Sheriff!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Way back in the Reagan Administration, black conservative Thomas Sowell asked, "Did we send this administration to get Washington off our backs, only to invite it into our bedrooms and bloodstreams?"

Hwey--you are high on the list. Better start packing a weekend bag, or more...

Kitty said...

"[I]t's OK to flame someone on a mailing list or in a blog as long as you do it under your real name.

HA HA HA !!! Even President Bush wants to know who Miss Snark really is!

Tsavo Leone said...

Don't you just love litigation society?

Me? I say we should just get on with being human beans and worry about the bigger picture... you know, the whole people-food-air thing... oh, what's that you say? There's no money to be made by shiftless little illegitimates in the whole people-food-air thing?

Take heart Miss Snark: you can always claim to be a merciless satire of what being an agent is all about (and are thus a work of fiction) - a bit like Sammy K really.

Hey, what happened to whole Freedom of Speech thing you people had anyway?

Anonymous said...

You can speak all the speech you wanna speak, free as a bird, but ain't nobody gonna hear it unless there's money to be made. G.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Oh, let's not compare Miss Snark to Sammy K.

Miss Snark is educational. She's the Mythbuster of publishing and agenting.

Sammy K? Unfortunately, he's the Marcus Vic of publishing and agenting going around stomping on wannabes when they're already down on the ground.