Miss Snark Passes...a gas of a post?

Do you often send queries to other agents? For instance, if you got something on your desk and thought, "It's pretty good but not what I do, however Agent Wendigo digs this," would you contact that writer and suggest Agent Wendigo? Would you pass the stuff along to Wendigo yourself (if you knew her)? Similarly, do editors recommend other publishers/editors when you present material to them? "I'm not looking for This Week's Da Vinci Code WannaBe but Editor Chupacabra over at Mystery House would kill to get this."

welllllllllll, sort of. Sometimes I think it's just me, that I don't appreciate the finer aspects of a novel about the archeology of Rabbitania, or the healthful aspects of serial scrubbers, so I get out my trusty list of Snark comrades in arms and refer.

I give the querier the agent's name. I never forward a query myself. For all I know the querier thinks Miss Snark's comrades are all ne'er do wells, and wouldn't want to have their sase sullied by close proximity to, let alone arrival in, their zipcodes.

And no, editors hardly ever say "not me but send it to Kerfluffle and Floozy". They send me deals that need an agent when their own house is buying but if they pass, they don't give me suggestions. As you might guess, that's ok with me.


litagent said...

Actually, I have had editors suggest other editors or other houses. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Anonymous said...

'Kerfluffle' and 'Floozy'.

Those are totlally rocking names for my new pair o' breeding piranhas.

Thanks Miss Snark!

Christa M. Miller said...

How about in-house? If two agents handle similar material (which seems to be the case with a few agencies according to agentquery.com), is there a chance an agent I query could think (for whatever reason) it's better suited to her colleague's list?

Joyce Ellen Armond said...

Agent Wendingo and Editor Chupacabra.

Will you marry me?

Anonymous said...

christa: yep. Happens all the time.

In fact, you may find yourself rejected, in your own SASE, by an agent you never queried, and would never have considered querying. There's something annoying about this--it's like having someone you don't know walk up to you and say, "Don't even consider asking me out for a date, you swine!"

It seems like overkill--a you-and-your-little-dog-too moment of gratuitous assault.

Anonymous said...

"it's like having someone you don't know walk up to you and say, "Don't even consider asking me out for a date, you swine!" "

I feel this is an awfully paranoid and hostile way to look at this. What has *actually* happened is that the agent said "hm, this isn't for me -- but perhaps I'm not the best judge. Let me give it to colleague A, who may find it more to his/her taste." It is a *good* thing, and a courtesy, that the first agent passed it on to someone s/he felt was better suited to it rather than just passing outright.

All of publishing is not some evil conspiracy to spit upon your dandelions and say bad things about your mama.