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Is trade paperback the same as quality paperback?I have one author I try to get all her books in quality ppb since I can't afford hard cover but adore her work enough to WANT to buy it in hc. Quality paperback is my compromise and each book costs between $11 and $16 or $17.Do authors have any input on which way their book will come out? (I'd imagine new authors don't, but since i have yet to publish a book, I have no idea.)

Quality paperback was actually the name of a company that published trade ppbks for a book club.

It's like calling a copy machine a xerox machine, but yes, you have the right idea.

Yes, authors have a say in this. You don't have to sell all the rights to all the kinds of sizes if you don't want to. If a publisher buys hardcover rights, that's all they've got. If they buy ALL the rights (hc, tp, tpo, mm, mmo) then they get to do what they want. What they want is to make money...as inefficiently as possible of course, but you get the general idea.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Well, if I ever become a published author, I will want people to buy my books new. You know, royalties and all that.

But as an antiquarian bookseller (nice high-toned way of saying used books) I can tell you recently published books tend to drop in price rapidly on the used book market.

By all means buy the trade-paper edition new. Enjoy the read. Later, check the used and antiquarian book sites. (abe; addall; alibris; bookfinder) You'll be shocked how inexpensive that 30 dollar book became in a year or less.

Anonymous said...

A year?

Look at Amazon.com. They resell books for cheap the very week they come out. And the people in my writing group were talking about that as if it was the best thing ever! If I had been a little more snarky, I would have pointed out to them that the authors aren't making any money off of those great bookbuyer deals.

Anonymous said...

(long time lurker, first time posting as an 'outed' snarkling. A snurkling?)

On the retail end, we refer to QP or quality paper as anything other than mass-market (MM). Hard cover, trade paperback, or any other wonky and bozotic sizing that isn't traditional MM in size. I always recommend to book buyers who hold on to their books to buy TP or HC, because the paper is treated with an acid resilient chemical that prevents (well, slows) the yellowing process that books will see with age.
Also depending on the success of sales of a an MM, HC, or TPB, you may have to wait a year or more before you see the book in another binding format.

Miss Snark said...

excellent info Jeff, didn't know that about the retail end of things!