A Snarkling's Revenge

Hi Miss Snark,

Please don't rip your hair out and set it on fire. Time to kick off the stilettos, sit back with a gin pail Killer Yap at your feet, and maybe take a look at this. I have to say, what I like best about him is his voice (yummy) and his sense of humor. Okay, so I also like his politics too.

I was *so* sorry I forgot to bring a camera. Then again, I might have done something shameless and brazen if I had remembered.

Oh the horror of finding out that one of the Snarklings was in the room with Mr Clooney and

1. Didn't slip him my phone number
2. Didn't call me to tell me to get there at once
3. Didn't take a camera to record his wonderfullness

Miss Snark is retiring to her settee with a pail of gin, and plans for revenge. Aren't you glad you aren't in the slush pile tonight! Oh wait....maybe you arrrre!


Jaye Wells said...

Off topic. Has Miss Snark seen the Fastcompany.com listing of the top 25 jobs for 2005-2009?

Fast Company Article

Hint: Miss Snark chose a great profession.

Comments? Concerns?

Anonymous said...

Yanno George makes Thriller movies.
George reads thrillers.
Now if you were represent a thriller author or two....maybe.

Anonymous said...

Er Miss Snark.
We don't actually know your phone number so we can't slip it to George.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I dunno. Clooney? Not bad looking in an average sorta way (high end of average, mind you).

But, I'm a thinkin' that Snarkie needs someone better. Lemme see? Just who is there?? Got to be someone. Maybe there's an unattached Orleans-Braganza prince living in Brazil who has tons of good looks, a half a bazillion dollars (or tens of billions of cruzeros)and who is just a nice guy. Oh, and he reads books.

do they list these guys on something like Iwannamarryaprince.com? Snarkie needs a prince.