Wallet heavy? Need to clear out some cash?

A Snarkling discovers:

Perhaps I'm naive, or simply behind the times, or have faith in the essential goodness (or at least non-badness) of the human race, but I was unaware that a service like this existed:

Woo-hoo! Now you can query 350 literary agents, without even knowing which folks you've queried! Bookblaster? "LitSpam!" might have been a better name.

There are those who have suggested that e-queries are the wave of the future. Services like this seem to guarantee that almost any agent with any sense will soon be refusing to accept them.

I wondered why I was getting so many when every single place on the web that says "Miss Snark" says "no e-queries".

What I've done now is change my email address for all publicly posted sites. That way, the people whom I do invite to send me material get the address I will actually open and read; those that are "blasting" remain unheard--deleted unread.

There will always and forevermore be some snake oil salesman telling you there's an easier way to thinner thighs, getting a book deal, and charming the sox off Miss Snark. If you run the math it's clear what they really want to do is thin your wallet and pray Miss Snark doesn't notice. Too late.


Anonymous said...

Please check the link, Miss Snark.


Bernita said...

Maybe that's why an agent I queried by e-mail hasn't replied.
Maybe she's been spammed by those guys.
Maybe I ought to...
Never mind.

Jo Bourne said...

Hi Miss Snark -

As someone else has doubtless told you -- the imbedded link in your posting does not work.



Miss Snark said...

My inability to post links correctly must have some rational explanation. I have no idea what it is, but I just can't seem to get them right on the first try.

Herewith, corrected.

Assistant said...

Anything from Bookblaster gets automatically deleted in my office, unread and unreplied.

Cassie said...

Even better... first testimonial:
"Using Bookblaster, I have just sold my first novel "Manuel Muldoon" to a publisher and I expect to see it in print in 8-10 months. I had much better success using your program than conferences, or anything I could by myself....thanks! Peary Perry

Quick Google search brings this up:
Peary's first novel, "Manuel Muldoon" will be coming out the first of 2006 and is being published by PublishAmerica of Fredricksburg, Maryland.

Sounds like that $100 (or more) was well spent.

What is PublishAmerica's deal? They claim not to charge fees and that they pay royalties. Do they really? Are they vaguely legitimate?