What Have You Sold

Miss Snark,

Perhaps I'll recieve nitwit of the day for my questioning, but I must ask: Exactly when can you ask an agent, or group of agents, what they have sold? If it's not posted on their website, and you haven't been able to ask anyone who knows them personally, then I honestly can't see how you'd ask until you've already sent them your manuscript.

Sorry, this is NOT a nitwit question. You are eligible to try for the Nitwit Stakes again tomorrow.

Here's how to find out:

1. Look at the website.
2. Google the agent's name
3. Invest $20 in a subscription to Publishers Marketplace (the BEST value in publishing today, bar none) and use the "search deals" feature. This is NOT available on the free service.

4. If all else fails, ask them. This is not privileged information. This is not a trade secret. Any agent that says you're a nitwit for asking IS a nitwit. If people respond that way to you, send me your email asking them, and the response, and I'll post it.

Here's the proviso. DO NOT ask this in your query letter or before an agent has expressed interest in your work. You can do all the research you want ahead of time, but save the "4. Ask them" for agents who are considering your work.

I love to wax enthusiastic about my deals and my upcoming projects. Heck, I still send PW reviews to Grandmother Snark for her fire engine red refrigerator door.

Query the world, but only SIGN with someone who will tell you what they've sold and when.

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