Your Two Cents Worth

Dear Miss Snark - c

an you please rate my nitwittedness and suggest a remedy, if one exists?

Saturday my husband mailed off a batch of queries for me, with the instructions to bring home a sheet of stamps, so I could make some more SASEs. But when he got home he handed me, not the 37 cent stamps I'd expected, but new 39 cent stamps. When asked what he did with the queries, which contained SASEs complete with outdated stamps, he of course replied that he'd mailed them.


So now I feel like a royal nitwit knowing that my latest batch of queries will arrive 2 cents short. I'm certainly not the only person in this bind - anyone who also was oblivious to the coming rate hike must have outmoded SASEs collecting dust somewhere. Should I mail my queried agents fresh new SASEs with the proper postage and my apologies? Thanks tons!

Naah, we'll spot you the two cents for a while....if we manage to get to the post office to buy some stamps any time soon. There are days a postage meter sounds enticing. This is one of them.

Don't worry. You're only 2/39ths of a nitwit...still within the acceptable zone.

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Anonymous said...

What should I do about the nitwit agents who haven't responded to my queries from September yet? Do I owe them two cents, or do they owe me 37 cents for not having the courtesy to use my own envelope and postage to reply by now?