Killer Yapp's Wardrobe

Oh, my God, the dog has a blog. LOL LOL

Hey, I love KY's blog. It's very, very trendy and very hot. I think you should put a picture of him/her up, complete with tutu or something.

Does KY take questions about publishing or is it just for questions about a dog's life?

Killer Yapp does NOT have a tutu. Sheesh. He has a pink tam, and a burberry smoking jacket it's true, but tutus are for girl dancers and KY is a boy although he does dance a mean tango. He'll be glad to explain "metrosexual" to you if needed.

He will explain the parts of publishing he understands: the arrival of the UPS man with large quantities of boxes; Miss Snark's odd inability to smell losers until she reads the pages; why cat-alogs should be chewed up and swallowed; and, the benefits of the largest publisher in New York being located three blocks from Central Park.


Anonymous said...

Killer Yap for President! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I read KY on the blog, I immediately think of the lube rather than the cohort.

What does that say about me?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Yapp,

What is your opinion of standard poodles? Particularly ones who are known to have eaten 75 baby socks?


Anonymous said...

anonymous1 -- yeah, me too. I refrained from saying that the other day...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm tending to one of the doe's hooves. Bill E. Goat is watching. He's unhappy.

Bill E.: What do you mean Yap has a tam and a somking jacket?!

Me: That's what Miss Snark said.

Bill E: I don't have a hat. I want a hat!

Me: You'd get bored with it. And you'd ...

Bill E: I'll settle for your Resistol! I want a hat. No! I need a hat.

Me: You'd eat it. Plain and simple. You'd chew it up. My nice expensive hat would be goat smunched and swallowed. So, no.

Bill E: But ...

Me: Elizabeth has a tam. She won't wear it. You can have it.

Bill E: Isn't this animal cruelty?

Me: I have an old nighty you can wear, Bill.

Bill E: I'm not a cross dresser. And I'm neglected. He has a tam and ...

Me: You're not any kind of dresser. You want a bell? I can get you a bell for your neck.

Bill E: Ok, I'll settle for a bell, but it has to be imported.

Me: You got it, Bill. Sure you don't want that old nighty of mine? Hey! I was just making sure.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I have that same issue - sometimes, not always - with the KY initials, although at first I thought it had something to do with an American City copying the whole New York symbol (NY).

But then, I'm Australian and read this late at night or in the early morning, so I'm pretty daft anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Hey Killer!

Out here in Arizona we beeg beeches prefer the au natural look with perhaps a sporty bandana for that sexy tousled 'just-got-out-of-couch' look.

Our favorite enticing cologne is dried horse pucky, luckily plentiful around here. C'mon down on yer next vay-cay; we've never seen a dawg in a Tam!

Yer fans,
The Rott(on) Sisters

Anonymous said...

Killer Yapp...farm poodle.
I think I see a series!