Miss Snark is Hard Pressed not to be a tad sardonic here

When, at a conference, an agent does ask do see the manuscript, does the writer send the entire manuscript or query first?

An agent asks to see the manuscript.

Here are your the choices:

1. Send a query letter asking if they want to receive the manuscript
2. Send the manuscript

Now, think carefully. 1 or 2?

Got it?


Stephen D. Rogers said...

Thanks for your take. And I'd rather receive information wrapped in sardonic than fluff wrapped in bows.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Um, Door Number Three?

Check on the references first before you send. Make sure you haven't hooked up with a fee charger or someone worse. You could wake up in a tub of ice with a kidney or manuscript missing and your gin pail empty.

Stephen D. Rogers said...

Thanks for the warning Dave. She's a legit agent who sells in the genre I'm writing.

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

Ahhh, vintage Snark!