Miss Snark Sent Me

Oh All-Powerful Snarkilicious One

Writing my queries according to the agent's guidelines, I encountered in Kristen Nelson's example a little sentence about how the author found out about her agency, to show that you have actually done some research into the agent and aren't just bulk mailing them.

But I found her through you.

So while I could honestly say "I found you in Publishers Marketplace" the absolute truth would be "Miss Snark recommended you as one of the best".

So here is my dilemma -- while I think that you have one of the best sites/blogs about publishing, and that your information is a lot more, well, informative than many others I've visited, I am not sure if finding her through you is considered "research". I really don't mean that in a bad way --I've looked Kristen Nelson up before but she hadn't been at the top of my to-query list, and I'm still not sure if mentioning your blog would be taken seriously.

Though, of course, her blog mentions you, and she did call you "sweet". (Don't hold that moment of insanity against her...normally she's much more cogent).

Oh, and I heart you Killer Yap!
Just tell the truth.
Mostly agents simply want to know how you got to their website so that if you do something stupid (like query with an attachment) they can go fix the listing that might not be clear. I've had a bunch of equeries that mentioned where they found my name so I was able to go to the site and say "hey bucko, no e-queries".

If you found a site here, say so. Try not to do anything stupid while you're mentioning my name of course. Like sending attachments. Or spelling her name wrong. Or querying her about books of love poems dedicated to George Clooney. I fear her devotion to Mr. Clooney does not come close to mine.

And Killer Yapp says thanks, he likes all this hearting stuff but he really wants to sniff your toes.


Anonymous said...

So I am out rollin this wino looking for money to buy stamps for my SASE when a Gin bottle drops out of his pocket with your name and address on it....:)

Karen Dionne said...

It's "Kristin" with two eyes. While she's very forgiving of the alternate spelling, she likes it better when you spell her name right!

Alexandra said...

Oops, it is with two i's. Miss Snark didn't even beat me over the head with a clue stick and I still feel bad--but I was really tired last night. Usually I triple-check names.

Karen Dionne said...

I know she's forgiving of the incorrect spelling because for about a year, my business partner/webmaster had a mental block when it came to her name. Can't tell you how many times she had to write to us: "The article looks great, but my name is spelled wrong - again." :) Kristin's a real sweetheart (AND a terrific agent). Good luck with your query!

Carter said...

Are you sure sniffing is all that's on Killer's mind? Inquiring toes want to know!