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Some time back I posted about PublishAmerica. In today's mail comes this:

Isn't it wonderful how Publish America takes something that you've said in their forums and uses it as a testimonial? Just another one of the great things about Publish America. Not!

Thank you for quoting me! Perhaps you should of referred your readership to my warning page on todays-woman.net, where I now share my not so pleasant experience with PA. Live and learn, I guess.

I am the last person who ever thought that I'd say, "Dee Powers and Dave Kuzminski were right." Rose DesRochers

"blurbs" have famously been taken out of context for movies. "I screamed with excitement when the man sitting next to me spilled his popcorn" becomes "I screamed with excitement...." in an advertisement. Abbreviated blurbs is one of the reasons critics went to stars, thumbs and number designations. We know what to believe if there are no thumbs mentioned and Roger Ebert i s quoted saying "I screamed with excitement": a bad movie.

Legitimate publishers don't need to publish blurbs from "satisfied clients". The product they want to sell you, books, is available in stores for preview, and if you don't like it you can return it. Posting blurbs is warning sign enough that their product isn't books; sucking them out of a discussion forum is just sad. But then...this IS Publish America we're talking about!


Playground Monitor said...

I have but two words to say on the subject of Publish America: Atlanta Nights

Gabriele Campbell said...

Oh yes, Atlanta Nights, and this masterwork with such wonderful phrases as "irrigating perspiration" and "corroded respiration," not to mention the second sample installment on this site, she pointed out pointedly.

I can understand why agants sometimes want to pour some gin over the slush pile and set fire to it if those PA samples are proof of the average slush quality.

Mark said...
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Anonymous said...

I live in a Houston and recently saw a piece in the society column about some big shot society gal who had a party to celebrate her exciting publishing deal with...you guessed it--Publish America! My coffee spewed all over the table!

Mark said...

I'd add that it's amazing Ms. Snark knows about PA at all, because there is an assumption out there in PODville that mainstream publishers and agents don't know who and what they are. This obviously isn't true and the campaign by Ann and Victoria has given some notariety to the subject.

Miss Snark said...

I know a lot about Publish America because people who publish there write me query letters either citing it as a publishing credit;or asking to now sell their "success" for big money to a publisher. PA also advertises in the New York Times.

One thing (of many I hope) of value an agent brings to the process is knowing a LOT about the industry. Sadly, that includes PA.

Anonymous said...

Be kind to the lurker, but as I know little about them, what exactly is PA's ploy?

Mark said...

It is a sad reality, but I'm even more surprised PA authors query you. It's a vanity scam unlike no other. The model is to bilk writers out of money by selling them their own unmarketable books. PA has made millions, the authors, jack squat.

Jena said...

If you want a taste of just how much attention PublishAmerica pays to the quality of submissions they accept (i.e. none), click on my name and "my web page" link. I posted chapter 23. You can search for Atlanta Nights on lulu.com.

Anonymous said...

The whole PA website screams scam, low quality, and sloppiness. And since when publishing website started setting up open author forums on their sites?

Anonymous said...

Rose said:

I am the last person who ever thought that I'd say, "Dee Powers and Dave Kuzminski were right." Rose DesRochers

It is comments like this that make me feel I haven't wasted my time telling writers the true business model of PublishAmerica. BTW, there is no "s" on Powers (grin)

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