Revision deadlines

What kind of turnaround times are expected for rewrites? Hypothetically, let's say we're talking about removing a subplot or condensing/deleting characters, something that involves making changes throught the whole work, vs. changing one chapter.

Depends on who's asking. If you're rewriting for an editor and you've sold your book, your deadline is in the contract most likely. If you're rewriting on spec, for agent or editor, your deadline is two weeks sooner than you think it should be.

It's a tough call: you have to write and let it sit long enough to get some objectivity but you want to get it done and turned in. If non-clients are revising on spec for me, they always take less time than they should; if they're clients, they always take too long.

I'm not sure if that's of any help.


Anonymous said...

Yes, all of your comments were helpful. Particularly those about writing on spec and non-clients.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but are we talking in the timeframe of days, weeks or months? Having a day job (that often also turns in to an evening job) the idea of having to do a complete rewrite in a week or two terrifies me.