Who's on First?

Hello Miss Snark,

My question has to do with whom to query first. I noticed you posted a similar question recently called Writer Conference nibbles.

I, like the writer who asked, went to a writing conference. I got to do the short meeting pitch with editors and agents. Both agents and the editor I met with expressed interest in seeing the finished work. So, now that it's finished, whom do I query first, the agents or the editor? Or do I send the manuscript to all who asked to see it at the same time?

You send it to everyone who asked for it at the same time. After a writing conference, everyone knows you'll respond to everyone who asked for it. They don't expect exclusives or prioritizing.


Stephen D. Rogers said...

When, at a conference, an agent does ask do see the manuscript, does the writer send the entire manuscript or query first?

Anonymous said...

I was in the happy position of being asked for a manuscript by both an agent and an editor I'd met in the bar at a conference. (All casual talk with one little, "Are you looking for material?" in the middle of it all. Answer: yes, looking for **** if that's what you have send me a partial.) I sent to both -- noted this in the query letter -- and heard back from the agent that this was highly unprofessional and that by sending it to an editor at the same time I sent it to said agent, I had hemmed the agent in and so I would have to look elsewhere for representation. (I am.)

Is this agent hemming themselves in by saying this -- No surprise, this agent also is a real fan of the exclusive submission.