Yes, it's fully edited and it's STILL crap...such is my life

Dear Snarkilicious One

I was wondering what your opinion of book doctors is.

What is your reaction when a query letter says 'this manuscript has been fully edited by xxxxx (someone you've heard of)?

Would you think 'Great, this one should be in good shape' or would you think 'this manuscript may be OK, but how much support will the author need to reach an acceptable standard with their next work'?

I think "shaddup already". Trotting out the list of people who've enlarged your bust, straightened your teeth, nose, or sexuality, is just plain bad form.

Unless this is a "My Story by Greta Garbo as told to Felix Buttonweazer" I really do not want to know about who had a hand in making you the writer you are today.

And mostly, when someone tells me something has been "fully edited" I cringe for the editor, cause that right there is crap writing.


Anonymous said...

My bust is enlarged by those water/gel filled bras. So much so that one of my friends thought that I had had surgery - and she thought it was a good thing (thanks). If only a book doctor were as cheap and reliable as my amazing underwear.

I think that I'll click anonymous for this little entry...

Anonymous said...

Hey, that ... is something that I do constantly! This post wasn't from me! I have no large wampums to boast on!

When researching what to write in a query letter I had actually found advice that said you should say that the manuscript was meticulously edited and ready for print. I cringe that I actually did that! Common sense took over and I quit that nonsense!