Previously represented?

Dear Miss Snark:
After a long and wonderful face-to-face meeting, I was offered representation on the spot (and accepted the next day). Business began chugging along, until a few communication bumps began to assume boulder-size proportions. A few months later, we parted ways – without the contract ever having been finalized or any work submitted to publishers.

At what point – if any – do I tell a new agent about this? And what is best said or unsaid?

You only have to be forthcoming about representation if you were actually represented. That means an agent sent work out for you. If all she did was tell you what a great writer you are and how wonderful the novel is, that's contract-tease, not the real deal.

You can safely remain mum.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering this, Miss Snark!

ObiDonWan said...

kind of weird behavior...
An agent once upon a time said he "loved" my work and wanted to rep me. I sent him a novel. He didn't love it and had some stupid suggestions. I wonder if Miss Snark would sometime (I know she's busy) address what makes some people want to be agents?