Before Round Two

Before you read the pages you've requested, could you predict, based on your real life slush pile experience:
the percent of the pages you will like;
the percent that will disappoint you; and
the percent you won't remember why you asked for more?

I am enjoying reading each and every entry. I've already improved my hook based on your comments regarding the 600 (!!!!!) that you've done so far. Thanks so much for doing this.

Pages (or entries really) I will like- this will be a high percentage. If I've read the hook and liked the voice, I'll probably like the pages. "like" is never the pivotal question: 50%**

Percent that will disappoint: well, there will be those that don't live up to the hook, and those that are just crapola on toast. Probably 35%

Percent that will be: what the F was I thinking of to ask to read this (a category I do indeed have an use on my submissions data base): 15% (which is high cause I only read hooks. It runs 5% on my slush pile).

Glad the HHC was of use to you!

**the pivotal question is "do I think I can sell this"--not "can it be sold" but can *I* sell it.

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MWT said...

Possibly a nitwit question:

If you see something sellable but you personally might not be the best person, do you ever recommend other agents for them to try?