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Jihyun Cho will be executed today. She was given the opportunity to save herself; all she had to do was to profess her loyalty, and sacrifice herself for the Dear Leader. Instead, she decided to grasp the only thing she had left-- her free will.

Framed in her execution, A Leaf in the Wind chronicles the life story of North Korean political prisoner, Jihyun Cho. As the daughter of a party official, Cho had a privileged life: the best education, choice employment and party membership. She reveled in this worker’s paradise. She turned a blind eye to the inconsistencies in the government’s fa├žade that had been built through propaganda.

When faced with famine and economic hardship in the mid-1990s, she decided to flee the country with her family. While crossing the border into China, her husband and son were killed; Cho was captured and sent to a political prison. There, for the first time, she saw through the lies that had been fed to her throughout her life.

(^---your hook ends here)
At 78,000 words, A Leaf in the Wind provides an epic tale of trial and sacrifice, set against the backdrop of the greatest atrocities in present day North Korea. The novel strikes a tone somewhere between Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and Orwell’s 1984. As a former military analyst and Korean linguist, I have unique insight into this topic that is just beginning to capture the world’s attention.

Great first line.
Then you drop off into business as usual.
Give us specifics and detail.


Anonymous said...

I would read this in a heartbeat.

Basic question--is it nonfiction or a novel? The hook reads like fiction at the start, and then non-fiction when it gets to "chronicles."

Either way, I'm already hooked.

Good luck.

susan said...

It's a strong story line and while political in nature, has some facts as base so it's not coming off as opinion.

Sounds very interesting--but your hook, I guess, needs to make it sound exciting and dramatic as well.