HH Com 609

Sometimes, civilization is only a mask for the beast behind it. (sometimes? what is it the other times?)

Years ago, Daene reluctantly left her husband and son behind and returned to Eluhu society. It was the only thing she could do to avoid a war between her people and her Orc husband’s tribe. Now, war has come regardless, and she has to make a choice about which side she's on.

Nemerenth is sure that he believes his brother Iyan is doing what is right by stealing the king's throne; after all, their people were oppressed by the Humans once, weren't they? Taking back the Northern continent in the name of the Eluhu is simply the natural progression of things. Isn't it?

Orc chieftain Yu Ruo once watched his wife leave in order to save him and their son. He has always wished he could change the past. Now he has a chance not only to get her back, but to aid her in her stand against the advancing Eluhu army. But will her return be worth the necessary sacrifice?

Iyan wants nothing more than to see the Eluhu race triumph again. With Humans on the run and Orcs scattered throughout inhospitable lands, he very well may succeed. Though...what does a man do after he achieves his goals? And how should he deal with those of his own race who oppose him?

A story of revenge, racial tension and hope unfolds against the backdrop of a rich, vivid world where savages can be noble…and nobles can be savage.

Busy and bland.
Too many names, too much of what we've seen a zillion times before.
Time to think of something where noble savage doesn't even occur to you.


Stacia said...

You might want to find a name for your tribe other than "orc". It has certain connotations I don't think people will be able to get past.

Divine Bird said...

From the author: HAHA, you know, after reading the 608 entries before this, I knew already that I hadn't done a very good job on a hook. XD If only we could take them back and re-work them after seeing the first couple hundred go by!

Back to the drawing board. Thank you for your time & patience, Miss Snark!