HH Com 623

At the start of my 90,000-word thriller, Within Sight of God, detective Michael Gray is under enormous pressure. Five girls have been murdered in a span of six weeks, and another who matches the victim profile is missing. The task force Michael heads has no leads and no suspects. The media hound him, his boss betrays him, his FBI-agent brother offers help in the hope of sharing the spotlight of success but then withdraws to avoid association with Michael’s failure to close the case.

Michael is on the verge of suicide when he meets a priest named Orin Indigo, who provides the keys to set things right in Michael’s life. The priest has uncovered a link between several of the victims through his church and the school programs it runs. The priest has access to an obscure manuscript that may be the blueprint the killer is using to target his victims, to murder them in the ritualistic manner that police have called his signature, and to carefully select the locations where the bodies are discovered. The priest leads Michael to a witness who may know who abducted the missing girl who may be the next victim.

And when the girl is found in the company of reclusive Gabriel Westlake, the priest kills him and vanishes with her. Too late, Michael realizes Indigo had too many answers to be innocent. Now he must save the girl before she becomes the sixth blasphemous sacrifice perpetrated within sight of God.

This is a list of events not a hook. It's also a hodge podge of familiar plot pieces so it feels old and tired.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, Red Dragon meets DaVinci Code. How could it miss?

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm tired of stories with bad priests.