HH Com 627

How does an ordinary man stop an extraordinary killer? (snaps the leash back on and hails a cab for home)

That is the crux of the quest that Nick Jones is compelled to take up when the woman he loves, latent telepath Sarah, falls victim to the compulsive killer known as the Beast. Rapidly overpowered in the initial attack, Nick is left critically injured. Forced to endure a brutal and terrifying ordeal of rape and torture, Sarah glimpses the secret that drives the Beast to kill: nourishment - but the Beast is no cannibal. Momentarily sated, the Beast takes Sarah’s life.

As surgeons battle to save Nick, he is fleetingly reunited with Sarah in a near death, out of body experience. As his soul hovers between life and death Sarah shares her insights of the Beast with him. Armed with the knowledge that their paths had crossed in the dense, forbidding jungles of Vietnam; the image of the killer’s face burned into his memory and the knowledge that the Beast is not human; at least not anymore, Nick returns to life to take up his quest to avenge Sarah and stop a terrifying predator.

Oh wait, you didn't mean Killer Yapp did you?

I'm also really really really over VietNam as the source of bloodthirsty criminals. It's not like there haven't been other wars since. How about Grenada?

This is a recitation of the plot, not a hook. It doesn't have anything we all haven't seen too much of before.


ObiDonWan said...

Miss Snark has seen lots of this already? Holy crapshoot!

Katie Alender said...

"(snaps the leash back on and hails a cab for home)"

Now that is just plain elegant.

Anonymous said...

This is a short story, not a novel.