HH Com 629

Holly rarely leaves her San Diego apartment and drives over curbs when she does. She visits an electrologist hoping that socializing with someone, anyone, will help her as she reels closer to the edge. Unable to live up to her family’s expectations, Holly is also repulsed by their values. Her younger sisters look down on her.

Holly is thrilled to meet the electrologist, Evalene, who changes the color of her contacts to match her mood of the day and is much freer.

As they become friends, both fall for Jack, a cocky family attorney working for Evalene’s ex in a bitter custody battle. Holly knows Evalene and Jack have slept together, but keeps her own affair with him a secret. He’s too much like her father to be any good for her. Evalene finds out. Enraged, she has a terrible car accident, smashing her ankle. Holly blames herself for upsetting Evalene and is hospitalized for depression.

The women make amends. Holly compares Jack’s misdeeds to her dad’s and is able to start to forgive her father and reenter her sisters’ lives. The two friends drive to Arizona to recover and stop by a revival tent. An evangelist lays hands and heals Evalene. Holly, too, is healed as she realizes that because of Evalene’s belief she could be healed she was. Holly decides that because she now believes she can have a better life, she can have one. She rents a cabin in Tahoe where her sisters will join her.

Comedy, right?

There's only one thing you're missing in this collection of events (besides a coherent plot): this


Anonymous said...

Although this has been done to death, I can totally relate. Whenever I need to get out and socialize, I always seek out professional hair pluckers. Still, it's a cliche, and readers familiar with the genre will want more than the time-worn electrolysis/evangelist/smashed ankle nexus. Make her a bikini waxer and I think you've got something.

Anonymous said...

Oh, gawd, I left that out? If I throw in the kitchen sink, will you publish it?

Anonymous said...

An evangelist lays hands and heals Evalene. Holly, too, is healed

Translation: Aliens arrive in chapter 14, bringing peace, wisdom, and an interstellar deus ex machina franchise called JiffyPlot.