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There have been political controversies before. There have been stories that captured public attention, that have sparked intellectual debate and pandered to prurient curiosity in equal measure. There have been news-cycles that acquire an apparent life of their own, that run and run until everyone around them collapses from exhaustion. There have been wars and abdications, sex-scandals and resignations, but nothing, ever, in the history of man, has carried quite the momentum of the Celthcairn affair. I challenge an atomic bomb to rival its nuisance value.

I enjoyed something of a bird's eye view of the whole affair, as intern at a certain newspaper at the time. Perhaps bird's-eye is not the phrase I'm looking for, unless the bird in question is the one in a cage that is dragged down the mines with the sole contractual duty of dying in the presence of gas. Sometimes it felt a little like that. In any case, my point here is that I had a front-seat, ring-side view of the whole affair and feel that I can usefully discharge my public duty and personal responsibility by shedding much in the way of light upon the events of three years ago. There are of course those who would suggest that I embark upon this exercise for the purposes of self-promotion or publicity-seeking. These could not be further from the mark. It is a journalist's sacred duty that I pursue here. The impartial truth is my only muse.

I'm not sure what this is other than it's not a hook.


LindaBudz said...

I'm guessing this is a first page or prologue. I generally like the writing and the voice, and the build up to whatever this affair is ... I'd definitely read on.

But I do think some of the sentences are a bit overwritten ... if the guy's a journalist, his writing could be tighter.

Anonymous said...

There have been many writers who never use the phrase "there have been" and made sales.

Anonymous said...

I like this voice a lot. I'm a huge John Buchan fan and this slightly old-fashioned irony reminds me of him. I'd definitely read on.

Anonymous said...

Well, it has voice. A voice that comes across as somewhat self-impressed and pompous (and older than someone who was an intern three years ago), at least to this reader.

(This isn't a criticism, just a comment for calibration puposes.)