HH Com 637

Vincent Augustus Steiner was always told the only way to be believed was through actions, not words. He believed it. An author in heart, stranded far away from publishing industry nook, New York, he begins his search of the one, big dark secret of publishing on related websites. Swimming deep into crap, he tries to uncover the identities of anonymous slush readers, agents and booksellers by hacking into their systems, bribing onymous agents and Galleycat reporters, and getting into bed with their industry rivals. In the final days of his search he takes the Queen Mary II from France to New York to prepare for the grand final. There, while struggling to cope with drinking he can’t handle, he has to trick Publishing Industry spy, FBI agent Tom Marlow, and manage to stay alive long enough for his appearance on Oprah and the revelation of the one, big dark secret: ‘How To Infiltrate The Publishing Industry Without Writing One Bloody Word.’


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Anonymous said...

Um, is this a joke?

If it's serious, you may want to think about one point: getting published is only really an exciting story if you're an aspiring author. If you're a reader, the publishing industry is about as interesting as a sock factory: you buy the stuff it produces, but you wouldn't expect there to be a dark secret at its heart - and even if there were, it'd have to be pretty darn dark to be interesting.