HH Com 640

Pommet-sur-Fossé, hidden rural gem, is sliding into depression at the hands of its idle mayor. But when the Gazelles, the village's fat (+ token thinnie), middle-aged gymnasts, discover that he and his shady buddy, Emile de Condom, have a hidden agenda, the 15 women decide the time has come to place Pommet on the map. Faced with a disappointing lack of white beaches, palm trees, snow-clad peaks or Eiffel Towers to attract moneyed punters, the Gazelles cluelessly draw up plans for Kew Gardens II and a Tiger-Woods designed championship golf course.

But there are snakes lurking in the undergrowth, chicanery and secrecy woven deeply within village government. However, the major problem turns out to be the Gazelles themselves. After a spell in the cells, pre-emptive mayoral strikes, whingeing husbands, squatting techno-ravers and a carelessly-discarded corpse, the Gazelles begin to wonder whether they've bitten off more than they can chew.

Yes. They have.
Perhaps some of the humor (humour) doesn't translate but this looks like the dog's breakfast to me.


Virginia Miss said...

E.F. Benson ("Mapp and Lucia") or Tom Sharpe ("Blott on the Landscape") could pull this plot off.
But both the novel and the hook would need to be funnier.

Some of this hints at that (Faced with a disappointing lack of white beaches, palm trees, snow-clad peaks or Eiffel Towers to attract moneyed punters

But we need a protag, not 15 gymnasts, and they need to be introduced in an appealing way. You name Emile but no main character.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like it. Not the name Emile de Condom and especially not the fat-bashing, since I'm anti-prejudice, but this might be a lot of fun.

Again, though, if I picked it up in a bookstore and saw that one of the main jokes was about overweight women, I'd skip it, no matter how madcap the rest of it promised to be.

What's the locale? From the names, I thought France, but it's not clear.

Anonymous said...

A-ha! Submission 577 suddenly makes sense.

Inkwolf said...

I have to agree that 15 is too many. You might want to check out Alissa Craig's Grub-and-Stakers mysteries: a garden club is the focal group, but one particular person (and her relatives) is the main character. The rest jump in when there are jobs to be delegated.

But apart from that, I think it sounds promising.

Anonymous said...

Author here - happy new year to you all (inc MS).
I'm grateful for all the constructive suggestions which I'll consider when I have a moment. I'm afraid I threw this together (30 mins before closing time) after seeing MS comments re 1st pages.