HH Com 642

Usually Kevin wouldn’t cover a small outbreak in a small town, but Justus, Texas, has something other towns don’t: the ex-girlfriend who abandoned him. He’ll write a few stories, indulge in a little romantic detective work on the side, go back to Washington. Easy.

But Justus seems haunted by his own personal ghosts. The local hospital smells exactly like the one where his father died a month ago. The priest and his farm-worker parishioners remind him of his mother, who left when he was seven. Anne-Marie admits she left because she got pregnant—and didn’t trust him to be the father. He hangs out with local cowboys and reads the town founder’s memoirs just to stay sane.

Then, thanks to his stories and a publicity-mad sheriff, his friends in the press corps descend, turning Justus into a media circus. The town is quarantined; the epidemic grows anyway. Kevin’s too busy chasing the germ to make sense of history. Now, if he can just keep himself out of the hospital . . .

What's this about? You've got a lot of details but I don't have a sense of the plot.


susan said...

I think the problem here is the word "outbreak." I connected it to a jail escape (that's just me!) and so the rest didn't make sense. I think you need to show how dangerous the epidemic "outbreak" is and why, fer pete's sake, he didn't hop on the case since he got there first.

Anonymous said...

What does Kevin have to do with a medical epidemic? Sorry, but this was really confusing to me. He's a reporter? Freelancer? This totally lost me. Who the heck is Anne-Marie? Too many people and actions. No reason to give a crap about the people in this town (unless it happens to be close to the small Texas town where I live.)