HH Com 680

Godhood is a Bitch. Ariel Kane, a time-historian, does not age.

An alien technology intrudes Ariel’s routine time-skip back into pre-history. It ensnares and suspends her body between dimensions thus altering her subatomic structure.

Too late, Ariel realizes her bete noire, and must use her deified position. In order to remove a contaminated culture, the Theans, from the planet, she urges the rediscovery of space travel thus leaving Earth’s original time line intact.

Resettled on another world, the Theans no longer battle to survive emigration, but sacrifice themselves by the millions in endless war, to save their god, Ariel.

The CSS, Contingent of Sentient Species, blames the lost time-agent for deep riffs that are appearing throughout the Universe.

The mysterious anomalies consume entire sections of the Milky Way galaxy and CSS scientists propose that the lost time-traveler is to blame and must never reach her future self, or risk destroying all dimensions. Ariel must be terminated.

Tired of a longevity devoid of love and despising her corrupted humanity, Ariel proposes a treaty. The CSS agrees.

Her memories suppressed, she’ll enjoy a brief existence on Earth, as a college teacher then suffer a brain aneurysm.

In twisted faith --- Ariel Kane leaves behind a message, ‘A Whisper of Ages’ to her doppelganger, Riela Kane.

Riela struggles to maintain a coherent life and deep love for Jack Bannon, as horrid images and abilities resurface. Nothing, it seems, can stop Riela’s destiny – to reach her ‘point of origin’ where all futures will meet.



Anonymous said...

Isn't this a repeat of 531?

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

I think this one has popped up before. I remember the Jack Bannon guy and wondering who he was.

Anonymous said...

This is a repeat and I think your comment was pretty much the same last tome round.:)

Anonymous said...

Here are the things I tripped over:

Is Ariel Kane a god or a time historian?

The second paragraph is extremely confusing.

So Ariel is engaging in sort-of ethnic cleansing?

It is "rifts" not "riffs" unless that sentence means something entirely different than what I think it meant.

All of this is merely backstory until you get to the point where the main character is made into a regular human. Beware of stuffing a query with backstory.

Anonymous said...

Deja vu on the time-historian story! I think Earth's timeline has been tampered with. ;)

(But Miss Snark is consistent in both universes, LOL.)

Anonymous said...

Umm.... seriously, whoever is the author of this needs to seriously consider some fiction writing classes. This makes 0 sense. WTF is exactly the appropriate comment here. Read some coherent science fiction, don't trust friends and family who tell you this is unique and therefore a winner (because in this case unique does not equate in any way good), and get yourself a critique group.

Anonymous said...

Is this written in Secret Speech? I was unable to make heads or tales out of most of it.

Anonymous said...

I've read it a few times now and I think I half get it.I think if you can write it, it could be great but if you present the book as confusingly as you've presented the hook it would be unreadable.

Make sure your writing is getting critted regularly and keep at it. It's a cool concept to try and pull off.

Anonymous said...

Always a bad sign when common verbs like 'intrudes' and 'realizes' are used incorrectly.