Miss Snark sightings

Mademoiselle Snarque!!!

Qu’est-ce que vous faites en Canada??? I KNOW I saw you get on the Yonge subway line in Toronto the other night. A tall attractive woman caught my eye as we both boarded – her devilishly sharp stilettos were a dead giveaway, of course. Looked to be in her thirties, dark attractively coiffured hair, perfect makeup (you chienne, how *do* you desperately stylish women manage to look so fresh-faced all day long??? And me with my mascara smudging beneath my eyes and shiny skin and caking eye makeup!) She had on a short black coat oh-so-chicly cinched at her enviously small waist – and of *course*, legs to die for. Again I say, *chienne*!!! It was just how I envisioned you looking. Well…just to get you back for looking so unattainably smashing, I said in a loud voice, “I’ve issued a restraining order against George Clooney because he just won’t get over it and move on,” and your head whipped up from what I could only assume was the New Yorker and you gave me a look that melted down my PalmPilot (you’ll get my bill for $500 in the mail, vixen!) I was going to introduce myself nevertheless but then I saw you *weren’t* reading the New Yorker, it was some celebrity gossip mag without George Clooney on the cover, so I knew you were traveling incognito. So I didn’t give you away.

Outside the 212? As if.
Besides, as we all know, Miss Snark is transported about the city in a sedan chair.


Linda Maye Adams said...

With four handsome men who resemble George Clooney ...

Anonymous said...

With all that French, you'd think the sighting was in Montreal, not Toronto.

Don't you know they speak Mandarin, Italian and Greek in Toronto?

The French all moved to Penetanguishine.

Bernita said...

Yes, and they even speak English there.
What's with this assumption that French = Canadian?

A Paperback Writer said...

Wait. If Miss Snark was in Canada at the time, then who was it I saw with Elvis on the beach in La Joya? I am so confused!